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Rabbi Maimon Pinto

Born in Ashdod, Israel. His parents migrated to Montreal in 1986 with their four children. Rabbi Maimon Pinto comes from a long lineage of Rabbis and great Torah scholars from Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, Morocco, Syria, France, U.S and Israel. He was educated in College Hillel Montreal, later continuing to Yeshiva in Morristown, New Jersey. His final year of yeshiva was spent in Israel at Yeshiva ‘Shuva Israel’. After successfully graduating from Talmudic studies and recognizing his communication abilities and his language skills, his Rabbis encouraged him to pursue his Rabbinical studies.  He received his rabbinical ordination (Semicha) from Kollel Or Yaakov in Rehovot, Israel where he continued learning for three years.

Rabbi Pinto met his wife, Gali Benatar in Holon, Israel. They soon after got married in 2004 and moved back to Montreal, where they had their three children: Menachem, Devorah Leah, and Rivka.

After settling down in Montreal, Rabbi Pinto spearheaded Kollel Beth Yossef; A Jewish Learning program for College, University and Young Professionals. The program later became a beacon of light for many Montrealer’s seeking to deepen their Torah studies. His passion for Judaism and teaching made Rabbi Pinto a much beloved teacher in Montreal and abroad, giving weekly classes at the Montreal Torah Center (MTC) on topics ranging from the weekly Torah portion to Jewish holidays and interpersonal relationships. In 2012, the Rabbi was offered the position of Rabbinical Coordinator by the Jewish Community Council (MK). Working together with leading Rabbis in the field of Kashrut and food safety. Rabbi Pinto drafted Montreal’s first bilingual Kosher Supervision Manual. He was also involved in the JCC conversion program, where his vision and lucid understanding of Jewish Law was admired by his colleagues and the conversion candidates.

Together with his wife, the Rabbi has put together many educational, social, and volunteer programs. While working at the Chai Center, he ran an extraordinarily successful volunteer program; “Toys for A Smile” for hospitalized children at Shriners, Montreal Children, Maison Shalom and other organizations for children. 

In 2016, Rabbi Pinto received an additional Rabbinical ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Benjamin Lau. This enabled him to officiate weddings in Israel and gave him international recognition.

Rabbi Pinto has recently joined the RCA Gerut Beth Din in Montreal as one of its Dayanim. His experience in this field and other dayanut related issues, such as family purity and kashrut will bring great value to our synagogue and the Montreal community. 

Fri, May 20 2022 19 Iyyar 5782