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The birth of a child is a welcome event in any community and a cause for celebration at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue.

It is tradition that once your child is born, you may want to have a Brit Milah or naming ceremony for your son or daughter to welcome him or her into your family and the community.

The birth of a boy is celebrated with a Brit Milah, as it is known in Sephardic communities, (or more commonly known as a Bris). Hazzan Abittan is also our Mohel and he has been presiding over these services since he joined the community and the clergy. When your son is born, Hazzan Abittan is available to explain the procedure of the bris and schedule a date and time for the ceremony.

The birth of a girl is celebrated with a naming ceremony, which is also performed by Hazzan Abittan. He is happy to discuss the service and everything that will take place beforehand to ensure that you and your daughter will be comfortable.

You may choose to have the service at your home, or at the synagogue, we are happy to accommodate you in either way. You can discuss this with our clergy, especially Hazzan Abittan, since he performs the services for babies of both genders. Rabbi Orenstein also presides over the service, and is more than happy to bless your child during the ceremony.

If you are interested in welcoming your child into the Jewish tradition at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, please contact Linda Aboody at 514-737-3695, extension 109 or via e-mail at and/or Mindy Levy at 514-737-3695, extension 101 or via e-mail at for more information and bookings.

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