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Women's Learning Group

The Women’s Learning Group started when Rabbi Orenstein approached Gladys Mooallem by asking her if she would be interested in helping to organize a group Bat Mitzvah for herself and several of her friends. After asking them, she was met with fascination and 25 women happily joined the session.

After their amazing Banot Mitzvah ceremony and graduating the courses they had committed to, many of the women were disappointed to be finished. These women decided that they would like to continue to learn more about the Jewish religion and its traditions.  They came up with the initiative to ask Rabbi Orenstein to continue this program for their newly formed group. The program was a great success and there have been many new and welcome additions since then.

Study sessions continue on a weekly basis conducted by Rabbi Schachar Orenstein, and also taught by Rabbi Howard Joseph, for women who would like to further their Jewish education. The next study session starts on March 29, 2011.

The sessions are usually held on Tuesdays and start with a Hebrew lessons at 9 am. Those who are not interested or cannot come can join at 10:00 am for the lecture. This is followed by lunch and then a dance lesson.

For information on meetings and activities, as well as how to join, please visit our website at You can also contact the Office at 514-737-3695, extension 101

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