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The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue is very pleased to inform you that as of July 2010 the new west-end Snowdon eruv is operational. The eruv allows religious Jews to cross Decarie Boulevard via Bourret or Van Horne while carrying objects or pushing strollers to come to the synagogue or visit patients at the Jewish General Hospital.

This project took three years to come to fruition and the prime mover, the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue’s Rabbi Schachar Orenstein, said constructing the Snowdon eruv proved to be a technically and halachically daunting task, requiring rabbis, engineers and architects, as well as the co-operation of residential and commercial property owners whose permission was needed to affix either a heavy-gauge fishing line or to mount rabbinically acceptable “poles” (wires attached to Plexiglas backings).

The eruv also connects to the Hampstead/Cote-St-Luv eruv, which significantly opens up the area where one is allowed to carry objects through. For more information and updates about the eruv, and others in Montreal, please visit

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784