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Executive & Board Of Trustees

Members of the Executive & Board of Trustees are nominated annually and approved at the Annual General Meeting which takes place towards the end of each calendar year.

Current board for the period ending November 2023 (updated April 24, 2023):


Charles Shemie, President

Shawn Fried, Executive Vice-President

Arlene Abitan, Vice President

Rose Simon Schwartz, Secretary

Albert Herscovitch, Treasurer

Marc Hadid P. Eng., Parnass

Edmond Elbaz, Immediate Past President


Members at Large

Danielle Azoulay

Jason Fattal

Ronald Mashaal


Board of Trustees

Alain Abdoo

Mazal Abdulezer

Alain Cohen

Dave Dadoun

Nadia Daly

Marion Dana

Steven Gabbay

Sandra Mashaal

Mariam Mintz

Isaac Jack Sachs

Burt Saleh

Daniel Schonholzer

Dan Sequerra

Fred Shahrabani

Emil Shiri

Albert Tauby

Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784