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Commemorative Quilt

We are grateful to Gloria Stermer-Murad and her team of volunteers from the Loose Threads Quilt Guild, who have worked tirelessly for the past 6 months, to create a beautiful quilt in honor of the synagogue's 250th Anniversary.

There are various Judaic themed images sewn into the quilt represent symbols that represent Jewish holidays and Sephardic traditions. The quilt will be hung on the staircase between the first & 2nd Floor in the synagogue for all to view and appreciate. The quilt represents the woven fabric of our community. This is another great way to honor either someone or a loved one. Names of those who donate to this project will be placed on a plaque next to the quilt. Our goal is to raise $100,000 from this project. We have put together a list of donation levels. You are welcome to purchase more than one block.

A variety of Judaic images are available on the quilt inducing the star of David, the dreidel, the hamsa, Shabbat candles, the Torah, trees of life, pomegranates, doves, Shalom, shofar, Noah's Ark, Kiddush cups, the ten Commandments with the centre block being the image of Yerushalayim.

For any information, please email Viola or call the office at 514-737-3695

To purchase squares, please select the donation level.

The center block of Jerusalem $3600 
1 Square $360
1/2 Square $180
Judaic Symbol $90


Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784