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WLG Testimonials

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Sheryl Shuchat
"Dear Gladys, You had exemplary programming this fall! Kudos to you and your marvellous committee for organizing an eclectic series, appealing to everyone! Since I was unable to attend at the time, I am thrilled that you recorded the sessions and I will listen at my leasure. Good health and much happiness to you."

Our parnas Eng. MARC HADID:
"Kol Hakavod on this great narration" 
on the 3RD SESSION - with HARRY BOLNER Eng.

Eng. ALBERT HERSCOVITCH - Chair of our Religious Committee:
"A very interesting and captivating unique WLG presentation from Mr.Harry Bolner. It is not often that we can get an inside personal detailed view of a real war scene. Kol Hakavod". on the 3RD SESSION - with HARRY BOLNER Eng.

Our friend NINA RABIH:
"Thank you very much for this wonderful, memorable and captivating session, also we have to raise the hat for Mr.Harry Bolner, who faced danger through his determination to serve his country with pride and courage. G"d bless him from above. Hazak U Baruch". 
on the 3RD SESSION - with HARRY BOLNER Eng.

"Thank you, Gladys, for all you do. You are keeping us all connected, engaged and happy. Be well and keep enjoying every day."  on the 1ST SESSION - Yom Haatzmaut - Rabbi SCHACHAR ORENSTEIN

Synagogue President, EDMOND ELBAZ:
"I second Mitchell Brownstein's great comments to you. I hope to have the chance to celebrate all your accomplishments for our Congregation. Be well." on the 1ST SESSION - Yom Haatzmaut - Rabbi SCHACHAR ORENSTEIN

Ron Mashaal:
"It was a wonderful event, Congratulations. Thank you so much for all you do for our synagogue." on the 1ST SESSION Rabbi S. ORENSTEIN

Synagogue Vice-President  - David Nathaniel:
"Gladys, we are very fortunate to have your passion and capability. Thank you for everything and I wish you many years of success."

Sami Sourani:
"This program is remarkable. It is very well coordinated with Rabbi SCHACHAR ORENSTEIN who always comes with innovative ideas and you coordinate them extremely well. We enjoyed watching and listening to the music and the songs that were very much touching. Please keep up this outstanding work. It is loved by everybody. Kol Hakavod, Eshet Hayil, indeed." on the 1ST SESSION - YOM HAATZMAUT

Isaac Sadaka:
"Your programs are truly remarkable. Please convey to Rabbi Schachar Orenstein my warmest regards. Bless you Gladys for your marvellous achievements. We are all grateful to your immense contribution. Be safe and healthy as well as your loved ones. Best wishes."

Sheryl Shuchat - ex-sisterhood president of SHAAR HASHOMAYIM CONGREGATION and a member of WLG:
"A powerful and insightful speaker. I could listen to her everyday." on the 5TH SESSION with DR. NORMA JOSEPH
"You are the most marvelous organizer, who genuinely expresses her love to everyone."

Ronald Gehr:
"You can be proud of your accomplishments. It is not easy finding so many speakers, not to mention keeping tabs on the entire WLG organization. Yasher Koah."

Cantor Daniel Benlolo:
"Congratulations Gladys. It was an amazing yom Haatzmaut program. Kol Hakavod to all who organized and participated in this wonderful endeavour." on the 1ST SESSION                                                      

Gigi Bitton:
"I would like to emphasize that without Gladys' vision, her organizing skills, and her perseverance, this event would not have come to be. Gladys must be credited for all her hard work realizing her dreams that, without doubt, are of benefit to all of us, an Eshet Hayil." On SERIES 22, SPRING 2020

Barbara Rabie:
"We did have a wonderful session today. HARRY BOLNER is a good speaker. He gave a great presentation. Thank you for inviting him on line and thank you SANDRA KOUKOU
for the suggestion." 
on the 2ND SESSION - Stan Countries - Eng. HARRY BOLNER

Esther Diwan:
"It was such a great lecture, so interesting, well documented and well illustrated. Kol Hakavod, Gladys, for this wonderful work" on the 2ND SESSION - Stan Countries - Eng. HARRY BOLNER

Nina Rabih:
"Exceptionally perfect. Hazak. Hazak! Toda ve-Hag Sameah. What a great celebration" 1st session, HAG HAATZMAUT with Rabbi SCHACHAR ORENSTEIN

Lydia Sourani:
"Thank you Gladys for today's session. It was very informative, very different. Kol Hakavod" on the 2nd session - Stan Countries - Eng. HARRY BOLNER

Sandra Koukou:
"The whole idea you had, Gladys, to celebrate Israel at this juncture in the way it played out, resonated perfectly with our present time and circumstances.  CSL Mayor, MITCHELL BROWNSTEIN, did a marvelous job of reminding us of the importance of Israel and our support for it Cantor EYAL BITTON and MICHELE were stunning and you could just imagine the energy online between everyone listening. This tribute was deeply emotional. Finally, Rabbi Orenstein, forever, pulls great challenges together, to make everything look so easy. His daughter, Chana, is gorgeous and truly inspiring as a budding young artist in her own right." on the 1ST Session, Yom HaAtzmaut - RABBI SCHACHAR ORENSTEIN

Jeff Mooallem - My son:
"Amazing! You are their treasure too."

Andre Haim:
"Bravo Aleiki  "Ya Benti""

Jonathan Teitelbaum:
"Congratulations. Grandma! You are wonderful! (I hope I can give my grandchildren a  good example for their life.)"                                                                                         
These are excerpts from some of the recent comments. Many more comments were expressed by phone calls about all the beautiful 6 sessions of series 22. It contained lectures by dignitaries, music,
singing, dance, beautiful views and a lot of laughter that we always need.

Wishing a wonderful and a safe summer to all.

Gladys Mooallem
Women's Learning Group Coordinator (WLG)
Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Montreal

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784