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12/01/2023 11:50:43 AM


Dear mitpallelim

Mazal tov to Shulamit and Simcha Foxman. With all of the stressful news we hear coming from Israel, we rejoice to learn of the wedding this past week in Israel of Simcha’s granddaughter Kaila to Yehoshua Werblowsky, grandson of the well known teacher and author Hanoch Teller - Mazal tov



11/24/2023 12:12:07 PM


The parasha begins "And Jacob left Beer Sheva and went "harana." Literally, that last word means "to (the place) Haran." But midrashically, there is a chasidic tradition that it is connected to the word "haran," which means "anger." We can understand that Yaakov must have been very upset. His brother wanted to kill him, he knows that Uncle Laban had a history of being a trickster, and not a nice guy, and his GPS had not yet been invented, so...Read more...


11/10/2023 10:44:23 AM


Dear mitpallelim,

As we hear how our enemies wish to eradicate the Jews of Erets Yisrael chas ve-shalom, we should remind ourselves of the words of Israel’s Declaration of Independence: “The State will be diligent for the development of the Land for the benefit of all of its inhabitants. It will be grounded on the foundations of freedom, tsedek, and shalom in light of the...Read more...

VA-YEIRA' 5784

11/03/2023 02:37:13 PM


I have written the following briefly in previous years. However, in light of recent events, it seems so relevant that I felt that I had to expand upon it now.

The 6th aliya, end of chapter 21, describes a meeting between Avraham and Avimelech, the leader of the Philistines (located in the Gaza area!) A peace treaty is established between the two of them. Avraham states “I will...Read more...


10/27/2023 12:18:17 PM


To all my dear Montreal friends,

The world still seems upside down. Here in the greater NY area, almost all the major colleges are having demonstrations for Hamas!? These are the great institutions where a previous generation of Jewish students flourished. [My late wife a”h said that when she went to Brooklyn College, there were so many “frum” Jewish students and professors...Read more...

NOAH 5784

10/20/2023 12:20:45 PM


Interesting tidbit: At the beginning of this week’s parasha, we read that the world was filled with “hamas.” That word is usually translated as “theft,” but the ancient Aramaic Targum has “hatofin,” which in modern Hebrew means kidnapping!


I am writing this on Tuesday morning. Probably, by the time you read this on Shabbat, the...Read more...


10/13/2023 02:02:07 PM


Dear mitpallelim

oy! How things can change so quickly.

My previous two “blogs” described the wonderful three weeks I had just experienced in Israel: first, living for several days near the kotel with my son, daughter in law and grandchildren; then the week with our good friends the...Read more...


10/06/2023 01:39:50 PM


Here are some more reflections on my recent trip to Israel (part I appeared in last week’s bulletin.)

I prayed three times at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue: (a) My first Shabbat morning, I went with my son and grandson for davening. They were hoping to hear a world-famous hazzan and rabbi. However, since it was a couple of weeks before RH, I guess the rabbi and hazzan had a...Read more...


09/29/2023 11:34:58 AM


Dear congregants

I returned last week after spending 3 wonderful weeks in Erets Yisrael.

I would like to share some experiences with you. After all, when we kept repeating in the davening “simcha le-‘artsekha ve- sason le-`irekha,” i.e., asking for joy and happiness for Your land and city, we weren’t referring to Quebec and Montreal! (And...Read more...


08/25/2023 01:03:28 PM


Mazal tov to the Foxmans, on the engagement of their granddaughter Kaila.

in the Land of Israel,

Hmmm… What’s the name of this week’s parasha? The 2nd word of the name begins with a “t.”  But, wait a second! Didn’t I learn it as “ki Seitsei,” with an “s,” when I was young? And if I look at the websites of certain shuls, it will also be spelled with...Read more...


08/18/2023 12:43:18 PM


“Say it ain’t so.”

Well, it is, and we have to respond properly.

I am referring, of course, to the fact that this past Thursday and Friday have been Rosh Hodesh of Elul. And that means…

Rabbis must make sure their sermons are properly prepared.

Hazzanim must make sure...

RE'EH 5783

08/11/2023 10:24:16 AM


Our parasha begins "Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse.”

“Go to the ant, you lazy person; see its ways, and become wise” (Proverbs 6:6.) In the original Hebrew: “lekh ‘el nemalah `atsel, re’eh derakheha va-hakham.”

I am grateful to my high school Hebrew Lit teacher, Dr. David Weinstein a”h [you might be familiar...Read more...

EIQEV 5783

08/04/2023 02:17:35 PM


What? it’s already August? Wow! Parents begin thinking of school supplies (as you say in Quebec, the time of “rentrée scolaire.”) For my 46 years at U.T.T., it meant I had to begin thinking of content and teaching methods.

Back around 25 years ago, I was asked one year to start off the first teachers/administrators meeting of the year with a devar torah. Instead, I told the...Read more...


07/28/2023 02:36:56 PM


Maggie Cohen observes yahrzeit for her mother Hermance Emsallem Cohen on Sunday 12 Av

Arlene Sheffer observes for her mother Rose Winstan on Thursday 16 Av

Shulamit Foxman observes for her mother Eliza (Zemlah) Singer on Friday 17 Av

May their memories be a blessing.




07/21/2023 11:54:25 AM


There are several important lessons that we might learn in the first chapter of Devarim. The first thing we notice is the introduction: "These are the words that Moshe spoke..."  As I have mentioned many times in the past, this man Moshe, the man who had claimed, 40 years prior, at age 80, that he was not a speaker, that he was "hard of mouth and hard of tongue, [According to Rabbenu Hananel, as quoted by Rabbenu Bahya, this means the he...Read more...


07/14/2023 01:43:29 PM


First and foremost: Mazal tov to our centenarian, who joined Shevet Achim before I was born, and who was active in the Shevet Achim shul and sisterhood: our Number 1 member, Helen Scharf-Kern. May HaShem bless you with good health, and good memories, ”biz hundert un tvantsig.”


We are now in the midst of the period known as the “3...Read more...


07/07/2023 12:52:05 PM


Last week’s parasha ended in a cliffhanger. The men had been involved in an immoral activity with the Midianite women, which could bring the wrath of HaShem on the Nation. Pinchas, the grandson of Aharon, who had been the paradigm of peace, felt he had to take action. So, he picked up a spear, and killed Zimri, the leader of the tribe of Shimon.

What will happen to Pinchas? Will...


06/30/2023 02:23:48 PM


This week we read the double portion of Huqqat and Balaq.  The first sidra tells us of the very sad passing of Miriam and Aharon.

Let’s reflect for a moment on essential roles played by these two:

I consider Miriam to be the heroine of the Torah. After all, she stood watch over the baby after he had been placed in the Nile. And when the...Read more...


06/23/2023 01:28:44 PM


Dear mitpallelim,

Mariam Mintz and Stanley Goldstein observe yahrzeit for their father David ben Alexander Sendor Goldstein on Shabbat 5 Tammuz.

On the same date, our most senior member, Helen Scharf -Kern, observes for her son Harvley William Scharf.

May their neshomot have aliyot.



06/16/2023 01:39:17 PM


Dear Shearith Israel/Chevra Shaas Mitpallelim

Our Israeli friend Dr. Gehr observes yahrzeit for his father Werner (Ze'ev ben Avraham) this Wednesday 2 Tammuz;

This Thursday 3 Tammuz, the Miller family observes the yahrzeit of their "pater familias," and our late President, Yosef ben Hayyim, Joe Miller.

Next...


06/09/2023 02:58:39 PM


Dear mitpallelim,

This Friday, 20 Sivan, is the yahrzeit of my late sister, Muriel (Menucha Sarah) Gerofsky, and of my grandmother Ida (Chaya) Shapiro.

This day, known in Hebrew as Kaf Sivan, is a most significant day in Jewish history. In 1171, 40 Jews in Blois, France, were murdered due to a blood libel. The great sage Yaakov Tam (grandson of...Read more...

NASO' 5783

06/02/2023 02:26:32 PM


Michael Rubin observes yahrzeit for his father Lenny (Arye Leib) this coming Tuesday, 17 Sivan.

The yahrzeit for my sister Muriel Gerofsky (Menucha Sara) is this coming Friday, 20 Sivan.  May their neshamot have aliyot.


We wish much hatslacha to Rabbi Ellis. “barukhim ha-ba’im.”



05/19/2023 04:11:02 PM


Mazal tov to Raya Sukonik, who has become a great grandmother due to the birth of a grandson to her daughter Maya of Scranton, (who used to daven with us when we were on Bourret and Lavoie) and husband Volvi Polatchek. The mother is Etel Perel, who spent the summer with her grandmother in Montreal a few years ago and came to us at Chevra Shaas.

Julie Bacrie Cohen & Marc...


05/12/2023 01:43:13 PM


Dear mitpallelim

This past week my colleague for many years at Herz, Mme Leibovici, observed yahrzeit for her husband Marcel, who was professor of Semitic languages at U de M.


Mazal tov to Shulamit Foxman, whose daughter Rivka...

EMOR 5783

05/05/2023 01:19:58 PM


Dear mitpallelim

Things have been hectic the past couple of weeks, so I had to take a break from my “blog.” First, my granddaughter Shoshana gave birth to a girl, named after my wife. After that, I was admitted to the hospital for kidney surgery, a partial nephrectomy. For the past several days I have been recuperating at home. BH, the healing process is working. My post op...Read more...


04/05/2023 11:24:21 AM


Alan Zavalkoff observes for his mother Malca on 21 Nisan. May her memory be for a blessing.


Mazal tov to our Israeli friends, the Gehrs, on the birth of a girl to Arye and Elinor Kaufman in Jerusalem.


After we were no longer able to conduct daily services in CS Hall,...Read more...


03/31/2023 01:30:34 PM


Dear mitpallelim,

Well, Pesach is around the corner, and this is no April fool joke. 

As I am not able to arrange for mechirat Hamets this year, make sure to make arrangements ASAP with the shut office.

Today's kiddush is in honor of my dear student, Maia (Rivkah) Darmon, born on Shabbat Ha-gadol; kiddush cosponsored by her parents. Maia definitely would be categorized as the "wise"...Read more...

VA-YIQRA' 5783

03/24/2023 01:46:19 PM


The 9th of Nisan is the yahrzeit of our dear friend Herb Schnap. Herbie was very devoted to CS. We send our best wishes to his wife Fran.


Mazal tov to Simcha and Shulamit Foxman on the wedding in Jerusalem of Simcha’s grandson Moshe Yehuda. And refu’ah sheleimah to Simcha’s daughter Rachel and her husband David Stern, who were injured...Read more...


03/17/2023 02:04:27 PM


Dear mitpallelim,

The Zilbert brothers David and Marc observe yahrzeit for their father Aharon ben Nisan, on the 27th of Adar.

I observe for my wife Sarah Devorah bat Yehoshua on the 2nd of Nisan.

May their memories be for a blessing.


I...

KI TISSA' 5783

03/10/2023 10:41:53 AM


Dear congregants,

I trust that you had a happy Purim. I missed not reading the megilla in Chevra Shaas at night, and in Hertz during the day. Nevertheless, I was able to perform a mitsvah, as my son-in-law and I traveled to the Lower East Side of Manhattan where we shared responsibility for reading the megilla for his parents, whose health makes them unable to attend the reading at...Read more...

Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784