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2021-02-25 06:00:44 AM


TEIn honour of Purim, we’ll change the nature of our devar Torah.

Here are some Purim jokes:  scroll down for the answers:

What was Esther’s gown made of? (I know, a preposition is something you never end a sentence with!) Why do some people drink on Purim? The proper name for Yom Kippur is Yom Ha-Kippurim, which could be translated (well, not really) as “a day like Purim.” So, what do these 2 holidays have in...Read more...

Trumah-Zachor 5781

2021-02-18 06:00:00 AM


Rabbi White

Purim is this coming week, and with Purim, we complete the cycle of holidays observed during the Pandemic. [We were fortunate last year, as we didn’t have to close the synagogue until after Purim.]

Purim is the holiday of ve-nahafokh hu’, that is “topsy turvy.” i.e., the mighty kingdom of Persia was planning to exterminate the Jews, but we came out victorious. This was...Read more...

Mishpatim 5781

2021-02-11 10:57:13 AM


Rabbi White

There have been several major news items this past week: impeachment of former president; vaccines; Montreal police; etc.

But let’s take a break from that and talk about the other major story: The Super Bowl!

Here is the story in a nutshell: the NE Patriots had been the greatest team in the NFL. Their prominence in the sport was due in great...Read more...

Mon, March 1 2021 17 Adar 5781