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The Importance of Visiting Loved Ones in the Cemetery During the High HolyDay SeasonL'importance de rendre visite à ses proches au cimetière pendant la période des Grandes Fêtes

09/22/2023 12:28:09 PM


1. **Honoring Tradition and Faith**: For many individuals, the act of visiting the cemetery during the High HolyDays is a deeply ingrained tradition rooted in their faith. In Judaism, for example, it's customary to visit graves during this time as it aligns with themes of reflection, repentance, and renewal. Observing such traditions helps individuals feel connected to their religious heritage.

2. **Spiritual Reflection**:...


09/14/2023 07:27:09 PM


Why the melodies of the High Holidays strike a chord like no other sacred music:

1.  Historical Significance: These melodies often have a rich history, with some dating back centuries. When people sing or hear them, they’re not just experiencing music but connecting with a heritage that spans generations. This sense of continuity and tradition can be deeply moving and...Read more...

Got A Question For Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo?

09/08/2023 02:18:53 PM


Dear Danny, Why is blowing the Shofar such an integral part of the High HolyDays?

Dear reader, Blowing the shofar is important in Judaism for several reasons:

1. **Religious Tradition:** It is a longstanding tradition with deep religious significance, dating back to biblical times. The shofar is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as an instrument...Read more...

The message of Parashat Nitzavim as we approach the High Holy Days.

09/08/2023 02:15:14 PM


1. **Unity and Community**: Parashat Nitzavim underscores the concept of unity within the Jewish community. It stresses that every individual, from leaders to ordinary members, stands together before God. This highlights the importance of communal responsibility and support, particularly during the High Holy Days when individuals come together for prayer and reflection.

2....


09/01/2023 02:28:07 PM


Dear Danny,

It is said that on Rosh Hashanah, God predetermines each individuals wealth and parnassa. Is it so and why?

Dear reader,

The concept you're referring to is often associated with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah,...Read more...


09/01/2023 02:26:13 PM


In Parashat Ki Tavo, which is found in the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses instructs the Israelites about the rituals they should perform upon entering the Promised Land. The parashah contains blessings and curses, rewards and punishments, and focuses on the concept of gratitude.

The key message revolves around the idea of acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the blessings that...Read more...

Shabbat Nachamu

07/28/2023 11:47:52 AM


Shabbat Nachamu is observed on the Shabbat following Tisha B'Av, which typically falls in the Hebrew month of Av. Tisha B'Av is a day of mourning in the Jewish calendar, commemorating various tragedies that occurred on this day, including the destruction of both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. The period leading up to Tisha B'Av is known as "The Three Weeks," during which mourning customs are observed, such as refraining from...Read more...


05/25/2023 08:37:48 AM


Dear Congregants and friends,

When in Ottawa, I gave a series of classes at the St Paul’s University Theological department.  The course gravitated towards the impact of Judaism in everyday life. This is part of a section on Shavuot.

The festival of Shavuot commemorates Matan Torah, G-d's giving of the Torah to the world. Since, as the...Read more...

March of the Living

05/03/2023 02:44:35 PM


An hour, a day, a week, a month, a year - even a lifetime - is not enough time to begin to tell you what my eyes have witnessed and how my life has been transformed forever.

You can watch Holocaust movies and look at photos of concentration camps, but until you witness the marks of desperation on the walls of the crematorium at...Read more...

Mimouna in all its glory!

04/11/2023 12:32:06 PM


When Passover ends, Moroccan Jews don't quietly unpack their chametz.  Instead, they celebrate the Mimouna. This joyous festival is believed to have originated in Fez, Morocco, although it is unclear exactly when. The festivities begin at nightfall with the conclusion of Passover. The Mimouna here at the Spanish last night was no exception. The Spanish in collaboration with the CSUQ have proven that working together does...Read more...

The Ten Commandements

02/10/2023 09:36:42 AM


Excerpts from Haaretz

The first ten of the 613 commandments given by God to the Jewish people form the foundation of Jewish ethics, as well as civil and religious law. 


Our holidays and more...

10/21/2022 12:40:28 PM


by Julia Peress Rosenfeld

Over the past two years, during the heat of the pandemic our president, Charles Shemie, together with David Nathaniel, Ron Mashaal, as well as and the executive worked tirelessly to help ensure a bright future for our synagogue. They did not know when things would get back to normal, or what that new normal would be.  They did know one thing - when the time came to reopen, we would be ready with new...Read more...


10/07/2022 08:27:41 AM


Dear Congregants,

Here is a thought from Partners in Torah that will lead us into the Holiday of Sukkot.

Want to know our favorite thing about Yom Kippur? The fact that we end the day feeling a little lighter, a little freer than we did before. With the forgiveness of the holiday, we no longer feel weighed down by our mistakes. A brighter future...Read more...

08/26/2022 08:50:50 AM


Our synagogue attracts visitors from all around the...

Five Hillel Lodge residents Celebrate a Bat Mitzvah

08/15/2022 11:38:04 AM


Pictured left to right:  Hillel Lodge Bnot Mitzvah celebrants Flory Benbaruk, Anne Bokhaut Koffman,
Shirley Weiner, Helen Trachtenberg and Bernice Seward, stand together beneath the Tallit.

This week’s...

I know you love your synagogue

05/20/2022 09:17:25 AM


Reverend Benlolo

Three Jewish mothers are sitting on a bench, arguing over which one’s son loves her the most. The first one says, “You know, my son sends me flowers every Shabbat.”

“You call that love?” says the second mother. “My son calls me every day!”


"An Appointment with G-d"

04/14/2022 10:00:00 AM


Dear friends and congregants

Permit me to share with you a portion of an article I once wrote entitled ‘An Appointment with G-d’.       I truly believe it to be relevant in our time.

Do we really need a sanctuary?  Does G-d need a home in this physical world?  Isn’t G-d everywhere? Isn’t G-d...Read more...

Up Close And Personal

04/08/2022 11:40:58 AM


Introducing: Julia Peress Rosenfeld, Olivia and Liam Rosenfeld

Liv Rosenfeld- 5 years old. Goes to OrSheli. Loves unicorns, rainbows , encanto . Favourite colour , purple . Favourite holiday: Purim.

Liam Rosenfeld - 3 years old. Goes to OrSheli. Loves superheroes and basketball. Favourite colour, yellow . Favourite holiday: Passover.

Julia Peress - Lifelong member of...

The Visit

04/04/2022 12:21:13 PM


École Polyvalente Saint-Joseph planned a visit to the Holocaust Museum and had a one hour window before their visit. Their professor Louis-Jean Pelletier contacted the Spanish Office and arranged a tour of our synagogue....Read more...

Maftir HaChodesh

03/31/2022 10:36:23 AM


This week, in addition to the regular Parsha, we read the section known as HaChodesh. The additional sections of Shekalim, Zachor, Parah, and Chodesh are read prior to Pesach for both commemorative and practical reasons.

This additional section from Shemot, Parashat Bo, Chapter 12, is read on the Shabbat before the month of Nissan, or on the Shabbat of Rosh Chodesh...Read more...

Haftarah Shabbat Hachodesh

03/31/2022 10:27:19 AM


Haftarah in a Nutshell

This special haftarah is a prophecy regarding the Paschal Offering that will be brought during the Messianic Era, reflecting the theme of the Hachodesh Torah reading—Moses' command to the Israelites in Egypt to prepare and bring the Paschal lamb.

This haftarah is part of Ezekiel's prophecy...

Maftir and Haftarah Shabbat Parah

03/24/2022 10:12:07 AM


Reverend Benlolo and Benjamin Harrouch

Shabbat Parah, occurs on the Shabbat prior to Shabbat Mevarkhim of the month of Nisan. The maftir reading, deals with the red heifer whose ashes were combined with water to ritually purify anyone who had been in contact with a dead person. Because only people who were pure could eat from the Passover sacrifice, a public announcement right before Nisan...Read more...

Message from Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo

03/18/2022 12:33:29 PM


It started on Wednesday, March 16.  Our Purim eve festivities began with the Megilah reading, by our Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo in the Mashaal Sanctuary along with 140 “in person” and 90 on Zoom.  Later that evening, a light supper was served in the Aintabi Hall that included music, hot dogs, french fries and drinks. A great time was had by everyone.


Haftarah Parashat Zahchor

03/10/2022 03:50:13 PM


This being the Shabbat before Purim, on which we celebrate the foiling of Haman the Amalekite’s plot to destroy the Jewish people, the weekly Parshah is supplemented with the “Zachor” reading (Deuteronomy 25:17–19) in which we are commanded to remember the evil of Amalek and to eradicate it from the face of the earth.

Remember what Amalek did to you on the...

Getting ready for PURIM Excerpts from MY JEWISH LEARNING

03/08/2022 08:14:46 AM


Megillat Esther Chapter 1

Purim, or the Feast of Lots, is a joyous holiday that recounts the saving of the Jews from a threatened massacre during the Persian period (539-330 BCE). The story of Purim is recounted in the Book of Esther, whose eponymous heroine plays the leading role in saving her people. The holiday is traditionally celebrated with wild...Read more...

Haftarah Tetzaveh

02/10/2022 01:36:28 PM


In this week's haftarah, the prophet Ezekiel describes a vision of the altar that will be built for the third Holy Temple and its dedication ceremony—paralleling this week's Torah portion which discusses the dedication of the Tabernacle's altar.

Shortly after the destruction of the first Temple, Ezekiel experienced a vision of the third...Read more...

Min Hametsar Hallel

01/31/2022 02:28:11 PM


As we welcome the new month of Adar 1 we recite the Hallel to greet it with song and joy!


Torah Portion Bo

01/05/2022 12:29:59 PM


Exodus 10:1–13:16
The last three of the Ten Plagues are visited on Egypt: a swarm of locusts devours all the crops and greenery; a thick, palpable darkness envelops the land; and all the firstborn of Egypt are killed at the stroke of midnight of the 15th of the month of Nissan. G‑d commands the first mitzvah to be given to the people of Israel: to establish a calendar based on the monthly rebirth of the moon. The Israelites are also...Read more...

Haftarah Parashat Bo

01/05/2022 12:27:54 PM


Jeremiah 46:13–28.
In this week’s haftarah we read of the punishment G‑d visited upon Egypt centuries later, through the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. G‑d reveals Egypt’s fate to Jeremiah: “Proclaim it in Egypt and let it be heard in Migdol, and let it be heard in Noph and in Tahpanhes. Say, ‘Stand fast and prepare yourself, for the sword has devoured round about you.’” The prophet then goes on to describe...Read more...

Reverend's Just For Laughs

01/05/2022 12:20:13 PM


Funny Jewish Personal Ads

Sincere rabbinical student, 27. Enjoys Yom Kippur, Tisha B'av, Taanit Esther, Tzom Gedaliah, Asarah B'Tevet, Shiva Asar B'Tammuz. Seeks companion for living life in the "fast" lane.

Yeshiva student, Torah scholar, long beard, peyot. Seeks same in woman.

Worried about in-law meddling? I'm an orphan! Write.

Nice Jewish guy, 38. No skeletons. No baggage. No personality.

Female...

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