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Rabbi Howard Joseph Emeritus ZT"L

Rabbi Howard Joseph is the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue’s esteemed Rabbi Emeritus. Rabbi Joseph has been a leader in our community for approximately 40 years. Originally from New York, he moved to Montreal to become the Rabbi at Canada’s oldest synagogue. He started at the synagogue on August 1, 1970, and helped our community regain some of its culture, traditions and spirituality after many families had immigrated to Montreal.

Although he has been an Ashkenazi Rabbi at a primarily Sephardi synagogue, this has not hindered his guidance. Rabbi Joseph is respectful and receptive to other traditions; he understands that there is more to Judaism than one’s nationality, and thus he has encompassed the qualities that the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue embrace. We appreciate the service and guidance he has given our community from 1970 and welcome his role now as Rabbi Emeritus.

Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784