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2021-02-25 06:00:27 AM


"The paupers look forward to the reading of the megilah" (Megilah 4)

 The time of megilah reading is auspicious for good livelihood and blessings

In the sefer Ateret Yehoshua of the holy Rabbi of Jikov zy'o it is brought down that the megila reading is auspicious for a good livelihood.

The Rabbi explains...

Maghen Abraham - Thoughts From Mayer Sasson

2021-02-12 06:00:00 AM


"Now these are the social laws which you shall set …"

 Sweetening the harsh Judgment

 On this verse Onkelos translates "These are the judgments that you shall arrange before them". Our Rabbis see therein a clear allusion to the great work placed upon us to sweeten the harsh judgments (problems and suffering) that are made upon us. According to Onkelos Moshe is to arrange the harsh judgments to sweeten them....Read more...

Mon, March 1 2021 17 Adar 5781