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12/01/2023 11:49:05 AM


Why Seven?

The Kabbalistic Approach.

"And he himself passed before them and bowed himself… seven times until he came near to his brother." (33,3)

On that which is written in the parsha (before Yakov met with Esav) "And he himself passed before them and bowed himself… seven times until he came near to his brother" our Rabbis ob'm wonder. If a person wants to honor or appease someone, he bows before him once. Why...Read more...


11/24/2023 12:19:42 PM


in order to remember

"…and she said this time I thank G-d therefore she called his name Judah…"(30,35)

This is surprising. Didn't Leah thank G-d for the three Tribes she merited to have until now?

The MAHRAM Shick explains; Certainly, Leah thanked G-d by her previous births but now that she merited to take more than her portion and to give birth to a fourth son to Yakov she wondered: Is...Read more...


11/10/2023 10:46:10 AM


Our Sages ob'm tell us that it is well known that the Name Perasha Chayei Sara

"… Avraham had become old and advanced in days and Hashem blessed Avraham in everything."(24, 1)

Hashem and His Court

of G-d Elokim is the Name of the Trait of Justice while the Name Hashem is Name of total Kindness and Mercy. But...Read more...


11/03/2023 02:35:11 PM


"And G-d (Elokim) spoke to Moshe and said... I am G-d." (6,2)

The Trait of Judgment

On the words written at the beginning of the Perasha  "And G-d (Elokim) spoke to Moshe and said... I am G-d" the Kisei Rachamim explains that here G-d spoke to Moshe with the Trait of Judgment. For every place that says Elokim alludes to the Trait of Judgment, and certainly when it says...Read more...


10/27/2023 12:25:30 PM


"And G-d said to Avraham isolate yourself from your country and from your birthplace…and I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you and I will make your name great…(12, 1-2)

Special qualities:

On the words in our Parsha Rashi explains that traveling on the road causes a reduction in three things – having children, money and a reputation- therefore he...Read more...


10/20/2023 12:32:01 PM


"… I have been caused to alter my decision that I made them…Noach found grace in the eyes of G-d." (6, 7-8)

Found grace

It says in the gemara "Rabbi Yishmael taught, upon Noach a decree was made (to die in the Deluge) but he found grace in the eyes of G-d."

This seems wondrous: If Noach did not deserve to be...Read more...


10/13/2023 02:04:18 PM


“… you are cursed…and dust shall you eat all the days of your life.” (3, 14)

Lifting your eyes to Heaven

Our Sages say that by his being cursed to eat only dust, the serpent’s food is always available to him.” If he goes up to the roof – his food remains with him”. And our Sages say “If one sees a snake in a dream –(this is a...Read more...


10/06/2023 01:37:51 PM


"…because of the hand that was sent out to Your temple" (Machzor, Succot)

Whose hand?

Concerning the words in the Succot prayers "Because of our sins we were exiled from our land… because of the hand that was sent out to Your temple" the Jewish Sages ask, what does the verse mean by "…because of the hand that was sent out to Your temple" Which hand? Seemingly it should have been written "Because of our sins we were...Read more...


09/29/2023 11:32:46 AM


How are the Children of Israel different from others?

"I have an easy mitzvah and it's called Succah" (Gemara Avoda Zara 3)

Our Sages say in the gemara that in the Future to come the Gentiles of the world will, as if, argue with Gd and say: Why are the Children of Israel different that only they deserve reward in the World to Come?



09/22/2023 12:05:14 PM


‘’The Succah and the Lulav’’

"In the succah shall you sit seven days…"

The numerology of the covering of the succah, the schach "סכך" is 100, referring to 100 blessings. This alludes to the fact that saying 100 blessings daily covers and protects a person, as it says in the Tur – David Hamelech set up the recitation of one hundred...Read more...


09/14/2023 07:20:16 PM


Let us search our ways

"Let us search our ways and explore and return to You for Your right Hand is outstretched to accept the repenters."(From the Selichot prayers)

Every day in the selichot prayers we say "Let us search our ways…. For Your right Hand is outstretched to accept the repenters". We must understand the depth of the matter in the...Read more...


09/08/2023 02:13:33 PM


"Go please and argue, G-d will say, if your sins will be scarlet, they shall turn white like snow. If they will be red… they will be like wool. (Yeshaya 1, 18)

Turn white like snow.

On this verse in Yeshaya the holy Mekubal Rabbi M.A. of Pano ob'm said: This verse is surprising. When a person has a claim against his friend, it is clear that he will invite him to court to...Read more...


09/01/2023 02:18:40 PM


"And you shall take from the first of all the fruit of the soil..." (26,2)


On the verse "And you shall take from the first of all the fruit of the soil" Rashi says "From the first" - A person goes down to his field and sees a fig that has ripened, he ties a band around it as a sign and says, - This is bikurim."



08/25/2023 01:01:36 PM


Going out to war

"When you go out to war against your enemies and G-d your G-d will give him into your hand…" (21, 10)

The verse that opens our Parsha "When you go out to war" is said in the singular in order to each us that we can defeat our enemies only through unity, as our Sages ob'm taught, "The generation of Achav – they all were idol worshippers but because there...Read more...


08/18/2023 12:45:51 PM


''Judges and policeman you shall appoint in all your gates.....'' (16,18)

Judges and policemen

The commentators such as the ''Shlah Hakadosh'', Rabbi Haim Vital and others note that the Mitzvah of appointing judges is presented to the singular person and is directed to ''You" as an individual and they therefore expand the...Read more...


08/11/2023 10:26:43 AM


Initials of Elul- אלול - the month of repentance

"I alone am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine…" "אני לדודי ודודי לי..."(Shir Hashirim 6,3)

We know well what the Sages said that the month of Elul is alluded to in the verse of "אני לדודי ודודי לי..." – these have the initials of - אלול - the month of...Read more...


08/04/2023 02:15:00 PM


One hundred blessings

"And G-d will keep afar from you - ממך -all illness and all the bad sufferings of Egypt…" (7,15)

We know what the Tur wrote (Or Hachaim): David Hamelech instructed that one hundred blessings be made daily and thereby the plague that had erupted in his time wherein hundred young men had been dying daily stopped.

We can learn an allusion to this from this verse: "And G-d will keep afar from you - ממך -all illness" . In the merit of - מ מ ך - which adds up to 100 – the one hundred blessings that you make daily - the blessing of "And G-d will keep afar from you - ממך -all illness and all the bad sufferings of Egypt…" will be fulfilled.Read more...


07/28/2023 02:39:18 PM


''I implored Hashem at that time…. My Lord, Hashem/Elokim, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand, for what power is there… that can perform according to Your deeds and to Your mighty acts?'' (3, 23-24)

One more prayer

We know that Moshe prayed 515 prayers corresponding to the numerical value of...Read more...


07/21/2023 11:56:11 AM


"For I, says G-d, will be to her a wall of fire אש  roundabout..." (Zecharya)

Building the third Beit Hamikdash

In his sidur Lev Sameach the Gaon Rabbi from Alesk explains this verse and writes: "When Jewish people pray properly and say the words properly, the angels in Heaven take those words and carve out stones for the Beit Hamikdash...Read more...


07/14/2023 01:41:09 PM


From anxiety to chorus

 "…they journeyed from Charada (anxiety) and they encamped in Makeilot (chorus)." (33, 25)

 Rabbi Yosef Yisrel Deitsch, Chief Judge of Alasha  Yarmat explained the verse that they journeyed from Charada and encamped in Makeilot – When a person has trouble he directs his heart to G-d in prayer that He will...Read more...


07/07/2023 12:49:16 PM


Peace - the source of blessings

"Therefore..See I give him My covenant: peace." (25, 12)

We learn in the Mishna, "Rav Shimon ben Chalafta said, "G-d did not find anything else that maintains blessings for Israel other than peace, as it says, "G-d gives strength...  G-d blesses His nation with peace."

Therefore, in the Priestly blessing at the end of all the blessings - it ends with "peace" to teach us that the blessings do not help at all unless there is peace amongst them.Read more...


06/30/2023 02:21:40 PM



The holy CHIDA ob'm writes in his book "Ptach Eynaim" that here our Rabbis ob'm are hinting to what is written in the Midrash (Kohelet) "Shlomo said, all of these (mitzvahs) I understand but the portion of the Red Heifer I researched and asked and inquired and lo "it is far from me", in other words, I did not succeed in knowing the reason...Read more...


06/23/2023 01:27:00 PM


"And Korach presumed, the son of Yitzhar the son of Kehat the son of Levi…." (16,1)

Family Lineage

One of the grandsons of the Grand Rabbi Yechezkel of Kozhmir left the straight path of his ancestors and rabbis to the point that his wife could not live with him and demanded a divorce.

After several days the wife appeared with her husband by Rabbi Eliyahu Kletzkin the Rabbi of Lublin and...Read more...


06/16/2023 01:35:35 PM


"And they came to the Valley of the Cluster of Grapes and they cut down from there a vine with one cluster of grapes and they bore it upon a carrying-pole between two…" (13, 23)


Specifically, two


On the words "and they bore it upon a carrying-pole between two" our Sages ob'm ask: Why did...Read more...


06/09/2023 02:57:08 PM


“And this is the workmanship of the Candelabrum…." (8,4)

The difficulty

Rabbi Shaul Yedidya, the Grand Rabbi of Modzhitz says: Our Sages tell us that when G-d commanded Moshe to make the Menorah it was hard for Moshe Rabenu and even though G-d showed him with His Finger how the candelabrum should be made, as it says, "this is the workmanship...Read more...


06/02/2023 02:24:11 PM


"G-d make His face shine upon you…." (6,25)

“There is nothing else except Him”.

A wonderful story of the extent of confidence a person must have that "there is nothing else except Him" (that appears in the sefer Tuvcha Yabiu):

"A man went with his wife to give birth. Since all the births until now had gone...Read more...


05/25/2023 01:44:10 PM


"Any Torah scholar whose inner self is not like his outside shall not enter the Study Hall."

 Concerning that said in the Masechet Avot, "One should raise many disciples" Rabeinu Ovadia of Bartenura explained, "Raise many disciples" – This is compared to Raban Gamliel who said, "Every Torah scholar whose inner self is not like his outside shall not enter the Study Hall." Raban Gamliel's intention was...Read more...


05/19/2023 04:09:15 PM


In the merit of Kriyat Shma

"From twenty years old and upward every one that goes

)out into the public service … shall you… count them" (1,3

On the verse "From twenty years old and upward…shall you… count them" the Kisa Harachamim says, "This verse alludes to the fact that one who...Read more...


05/12/2023 01:41:05 PM


Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Reviving the Dead

The Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch zy'o used to say: The day of Lag Ba'omer is a day that is auspicious for medical recoveries and salvation! The initials of the words "a king Who is a loyal and merciful Doctor" - "מלך רופא נאמן ורחמן" spell out "מרון" and in the merit of the righteous...Read more...


05/05/2023 01:22:34 PM


I can exempt the entire world from Judgment"

The power of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai

Regarding the power of RASHBY, it says in the Gemara "Rabbi Yermiya said in the name of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai: I can exempt the entire world from Judgment." In order to understand the enormous power of RASHBY let us look into what it says in the...Read more...

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