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Sefer Torah

Inauguration Date: September 27, 2018

The highlight of the 250th Anniversary year will be the dedication of a new Community Sefer Torah scroll. With every member of the Synagogue able to “purchase” a verse, known as a Passouk, this Torah scroll will be the cornerstone of the celebration for Canada’s first and oldest synagogue. A Torah dedication is an important event and this new Torah Scroll which will belong to all members of our synagogue and our community at large allows the opportunity for all to be a part of this unique celebration.

As Canada’s first congregation, we hope that this Torah will represent our rich history as well as our bright future. Taking part in the writing of a Torah is a time honored tradition allows participants to fulfill the 613th mitzvah in the Torah, which is for every Jew to write a Torah Scroll. Becoming a partner in the creation of one is a fulfillment of this commandment, and demonstrates a commitment to one of our oldest traditions. In addition, this offers a chance to have a word or portion of the Torah to be written in honor or in memory of a loved one. There is no better mitzvah than to purchase even one word in a Torah- a word written specifically for yourself or your family. A word in a Torah creates a bond in our covenantal book.

There are many categories available from a single letter for our youngest members all the way to a full Sefer, and everyone participating will be recognized in a commemorative scroll in the synagogue. We will also have a sponsorship opportunity for a unique Torah case that is being designed to commemorate our 250 year history, as well as a commemorative quilt/huppah that will be used to escort the Torah to its new home and be proudly hung in the synagogue.

In addition to creating a new Torah for our congregation, the project will help raise funds towards enhancing the future of our congregation. We are earmarking donations from this Torah to create educational programs and social activities for our current congregants, as well as to youth and young adults who represent the future of the synagogue. Our goal is for the synagogue to be not only a place of worship, but a central meeting place for our community.

The categories to purchase in the Torah are as follows:

Letter for children $1
Word     $54
Pasuk /Verse $120
Special Verse $360
Chapter $1000
Special texts, Blessings  $2600
Parasha $5400
10 commandments x 2       $10000
Song x 3    $10000
Sefer x 5    $26000
Torah Casing $36000

 *Special requests and combinations are available*

For questions, please contact Rabbi Avi Finegold at or the office at 514-737-3695

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About the Scribe

For twenty-five years, Torah scribe, artist and educator, Jamie Shear has created hand-written, Hebrew scrolls on parchment to the highest standards of Jewish law, tradition and aesthetics. He has completed nine Torah scrolls for Synagogues in Canada, US, Israel and Hong Kong.

Jamie also fuses the ancient craft of the quill with a unique perspective to create art that adorns, signifies and commemorates.  He adds beauty to classic texts like the Ketubah, illuminating them using an array of mediums and artistic techniques.  Jamie’s main focus in art is that of micrography, the art of creating elaborate designs using the quill to form letters. When Jamie is not creating, he is teaching about his craft and shares the Torah ideas behind his art to people coming into his workshop / gallery in the Cardo of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, since 2006, Jamie has been living in Jerusalem with his family

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Launch Event

In honor of the Spanish & Portuguese's 250th Anniversary, the synagogue held an event on Thursday, January 18th, with over 70 people in attendance, to commemorate the launch of the Torah scroll where the congregation met the scribe and witnessed the writing of the first sentence. The community, represented by the Rabbi, the President, and the Parnass, ceremonially appointed the scribe to fulfill the mitzvah of writing a Torah scroll on behalf of the entire community and handed him a quill with which to complete the writing. The community was then invited to watch the scribe write the first sentence onto a fresh parchment. It was a beautiful and meaningful experience for all.

  • When: January 18th, 2018- 7:00-9:00p.m.
  • Where: Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Aintabi Hall

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Photos from the event:

The official inauguration of our new Sefer Torah will take place just before Simchat Torah enabling the community to begin reading it publicly on our annual celebration of the Torah.

Mon, 18 June 2018 5 Tammuz 5778