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Women's Learning Group

Following our great success on July 5, 2009 in celebrating Ladies Bat Mitzvah of 25 ladies of our friends, by Rabbi Schachar Orenstein, the first at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue of Montreal, the Group refused to stop their pleasure of learning. They asked Rabbi Orenstein to continue to study Judaism and others to learn and socialize.

To their delight, Rabbi Orenstein graciously agreed and the program of Women's Learning group (WLG) was born and I continued to be the coordinator of the program as Rabbi Orenstein previously nominated me.

Women's Learning group (WLG) program started in the fall of 2009, with 8 weekly sessions in the Fall, as well as 8 weekly sessions in the Spring, same as we did the previous year to prepare for our Ladies Bat mitzvah. The mood was high. The Group was greatly enthusiastic.

Schedule of our sessions:
9:00 AM we beging with a Hebrew Teacher.
10:00 AM we have a speaker on various topics by one of our Rabbis, University professor, Politician, Artist, Musician and many more.
11:45 AM we have a catered hot lunch
12:45 PM we have Israeli dance by the well known Instructor Maurice Perez and others.

Through the years our numbers have doubled. In April 2019 we proudly celebrated 10 years through a wonderful concert organized by our Sandra Koukou.

In the year 2020, the lockdown did not stop us from enjoying our sessions thanks to evolving technology. Our number continue to increase and our program attracts people from all over the world, including Rabbi Orenstein's family in Israel and mine.

We continue with our program, preparing now series 24 for the Spring 2021. It is now 6 sessions in the Spring and 6 sessions in the Fall. The pleasure of learning and seeing each other on ZOOM  is on top of all obstacles.

I would like to add that my pleasure to see my group enthusiastic and happy is beyond any description.

We look forward to many series to come.

Gladys Peress Mooallem
Women's Learning Group Coordinator (WLG)
Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Montreal
Please visit:
Ladies Bat-Mitzvah - Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue







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