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5783 - 5784

Peress Family, and proud "Saba" Sass & "Safta" Shoshana Peress on the birth of Ford Spencer (Ness) Peress, son of Stephanie Frank & Justin Peress California. 

Emmanuelle & Elie Girsowicz, in honour of the birth of their daughter and sister to Michaël.

Rebecca & Jason Aintabi, on the birth of their new Baby Girl.

Grandparents, Lily & Alfred Bilbul and Daphna & Peter Kemeny on the birth of a baby boy, son of proud parents, Melanie & Eric Kemeny.

Great grandmothers, Evelyn Shahin and Cynthia Black and great grandparents, Glenda & Hy Radin and proud grandparents, Gilda & Morris Abdulezer and Roberta & Perry Radin, on the birth of a baby boy to first-time parents, Laurel & Robert Abdulezer.

Rabbi Menahem White and Azriel & Batia Novogroder, on the birth of their great granddaughter,
Shifra Devorah, daughter of Dr. Joshua & Shoshana Goldstein.

Mary Ruth & Ronald Gehr, on the birth of their new granddaughter, Lielle Shira Tziporah,
daughter of Elinor & Aryeh Kaufman - IS

Joyce & Mounir Peress, on the birth of their grandson, son of Lisa Peress & Ovett Edwards.

Reverend Hazan Daniel & Muriel Benlolo, are proud to announce to the S&P family the arrival and naming of their new grandson, Russell Miles Reuven Daniel Caplan, son of Eve & Adam Caplan.

We are proud to announce the birth of Samuel Ludo Aron Abitan, son of
Na'omi Canart & Alexandre Abitan, brother of Elouise.
Proud grandparents are Arlene & Henri Abitan and Sandra Koukou & Louis Canart.

Doris & Eli Ambar, on the birth of their great grandson, Jones Elijah Chitiz, son of Jana & Jeremy Chitiz (Toronto) and grandson to Randi & Ronnie Amber (Toronto).

Rabbi Menahem White, on the birth of his great grandson, Akiva Simcha Tzur,
grandson of Racheli & Yehoshua White, and son of Rosy & Elchanan.

Sarah Suissa et David-Alexandre Wolf, pour la naissance de leur garçon,
aux heureux grands-parents, Rachel et Marc-Alain Wolf, et Yossi et Wilma Suissa.

Great grandmother, Evelyn Shahin, on the birth of a new baby great granddaughter in Israel, daughter of Adina & Nate Mahalli, granddaughter of Jack & Rita Shahin.

Yael & Edmond Shahin and Mindy & Allan Floumanhaft, on the birth of their granddaughter, Sophie Tikva,
daughter of Annalie & Mark Floumanhaft great granddaughter to Violet Shahin and Muriel Barber.

Racheline & Charles Abadi, en l'honneur de la naissance de leur arrière-petite-fille, Darla Leia,
fille de Amanda & Jordan Slapcoff.

5782 - 5783

Great grandparents, Andrée & Selim Sasson and Gracie Dallal & the late Samir Tricot and Myriam & Moises Botner and the late Teressa & Maximilliano Nachtigall and grandparents, Beverley & Joe Sasson and Alicia & Edgardo Nachtigall and proud parents, Nadia & Mark Sasson, on the birth of their Baby Girl.

Racheline & Charles Abadi, in honour of the birth of their first great grandson, son of Rebecca Etingin & Paul Sugarman.

Maggy Cohen & Michael Rubin, on the birth of their grandson, Leo Emile Benjamin,
son of Ivana Khadoury & Ariel Rubin.

Bonnie & Milo Shemie, on the birth of their granddaughter, Saida Shemie.

Dave Dadoun, Nathalie Nahmiash, Joelle Ohayon et Alain Hazan ont le plaisir de vous annoncer la naissance de leur petite-fille Naomi Rae, parents Nathaniel Dadoun et Jessica Hazan.

Jonathan Benlolo & Lea Alloune, Loving brother,Liel Daniel Benlolo, Proud grandparents, 
Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo & Muriel Suissa and Leon & Sylvia Alloune, on the Brit Milah of Axel Israel Benlolo

Cantor Rabbi Yehuda & Marcelle Abittan, on the birth of their granddaughter, daughter of Ruth & Tuvia Perez.

Arlene & Henri Abitan,and proud parents, Ingrid & Ygal Benabou,
in honour of the Bat Mitzvah of Gabriella Simone Simha.

Nilly & Albert Levy and Murielle & Albert Ouaknine, on the birth of their granddaughter, daughter of Julia & Adam Levy.

5781 - 5782

Lily & Alfred Bilbul and Daphna & Peter Kemeny on the birth of a baby girl, daughter of Melanie & Eric Kemeny.

Carmen & Jack Korin and Glenda & Gary Susser, on the birth of a baby boy, son of our members, Lisa & Shawn Korin

Myriam Mashaal Lallouz, on the birth of her grandson, Roman Emile, son of Elizabeth & Joseph - Toronto.

Sue & Kamal Gabbay and grandparents, Lauren & Alvin Suissa -
great grandparents, Debbie & Rony Cons and proud parents, Gabby & Benyamin Suissa 
on the birth of Twins, a Girl & Boy.

Lyson & David Haccoun, on the birth of their granddaughter, Annette Rose (Hannah Sarah),
daughter of Sophie & Laurent Haccoun.

Rachel & Jim Archibald on the birth of Abraham Leo, son of Kate & Sam Archibald - N.Y.

Yael & Dr. Edmon Shahin, on the birth of their grandson, Oliver Jonah Tzadok Shahin, son of Tamara & Ilan Shahin - TO

Proud Parents, Eve Benlolo & Adam Caplan, grandparents, Muriel Suissa & Hazan Daniel Benlolo, Wendy & Michael Caplan, Great Grandparents, Sandra Caplan, Rachel & Albert Suissa, on the birth of James Wolf Zev Avraham.

Great Grandmother, Violet Shahin, Grandparents, Yael & Eddie Shahin, Mindy & Alan Floumanhaft, Proud parents, Annalie & Mark Floumanhaft, on the birth of their son, Binyamin Yaacov Floumanhaft.

Ann & Dan Sequerra, on the birth of their grandson, Liam Asher Romoff son of
Jade Miriam Sequerra & Trevor Zev Romoff.

Jaimie & Marc Hadid, on the birth of their grandson, son of Natalie & Benjamin Hadid.


5780 - 5781

Gigi & Albert Bitton, on the birth of their grandson, son of Michele & Eyal Bitton.

Great grandmother, Leony Daly and Linda & Sam Fattal and Joanne & Simon Margel, on the birth of a baby girl, daughter of Daniella & Jonathan Margel.

Eva & Julio Dahan and Dalila & Albert Hazan, on the birth of their granddaughter, daughter of Dr. David & Arielle Hazan.

Great grandmother, Fanny Leffell and grandparents, Suzanne & Edmond Elbaz and Sheila & Alan Silverman, on the birth of Abigail Olivia, daughter of Mandy & Jonathan Elbaz – Toronto.

Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784