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A Heartwarming Moment

08/05/2021 12:52:08 PM


Hello from majestic Sonoma Valley

08/03/2021 09:36:36 AM


Blessed to travel and unite couples in one of their most important milestone! Life of a Clergy!


Listening to you even from as far as San Francisco

07/30/2021 08:55:28 AM


Hazan Benlolo

S&P Recording Studio/Lounge

07/26/2021 02:49:35 PM


Update #3

Be part of this incredible experience!

Hazan Daniel Benlolo


Inspirational Moment from Hazan Benlolo

07/22/2021 11:17:32 AM


S&P Recording Studio/Lounge

07/22/2021 11:05:07 AM


Update #2

Haftarah Devarim

07/15/2021 12:14:50 PM


The Shabbat before Tisha B’Av, is called Shabbat Chazon – the Shabbat of foretelling – as we read the Haftarah portion from the prophecy of Isaiah (1:1-27), as the final of the “three of affliction,” readings.
Rabbi Mendel Hirsch points out, the prophet does not lament because the Bet HaMikdash (The Temple in Jerusalem) was destroyed; rather he...Read more...

S&P Recording Studio/Lounge

07/13/2021 09:20:15 AM


Update #1

Haftarah Matot-Masei

07/06/2021 02:30:55 PM


with Charly-Marc Hadid

This week’s Haftarah is the second of a series of three “haftarot of affliction.” These three haftarot are read during the Three Weeks of mourning for Jerusalem, between the fasts of 17 Tammuz and 9 Av.

The prophet Jeremiah transmits G‑d’s message to the Jewish people, in...Read more...

Haftarah Pinhas

07/06/2021 02:28:50 PM


This week’s haftarah begins a series of three haftarot known in halachic literature as telata depur’anuta, “the three (haftarot) of retribution.” We read these haftarot during the three-week period between the seventeenth of Tammuz and the ninth of Av—the time when we mourn the destruction of...Read more...

Haftarah Pinhas

06/29/2021 09:12:16 AM


This week’s haftarah begins a series of three haftarot known in halachic literature as telata depur’anuta, “the three (haftarot) of retribution.” We read these haftarot during the three-week period between the seventeenth of Tammuz and the ninth of Av—the time when we mourn the destruction of...Read more...

Haftarah Balak

06/23/2021 10:25:48 AM


This week's haftarah makes mention of the incident of Balak the king of Moab hiring the sorcerer Balaam to curse the Jewish people — the main topic of this week's Torah reading.

The prophet Micah prophesied about what will occur after the war of Gog and Magog, the war which precedes the coming of...Read more...

Haftarah Hukat

06/16/2021 10:32:58 AM


This week's haftarah describes how the people of Israel were attacked by the nation of Ammon. The Israelites engaged Jephtah to lead them in battle against this military threat. Jephtah first sent a missive to Ammon, declaring his peaceful intentions. In his message, he also discussed the Israelites' conquest...Read more...

Haftarah Kroah

06/10/2021 10:31:52 AM


Sponsored by: Isaac Sadaka, in memory of his wife, Badriya Sadaka z'l.

The prophet Samuel (a descendant of Korach, the protagonist of this week's Torah portion) gathers the Jews to firmly install Saul as king of Israel. During the course of his address to the Jews he called out, "Here I am;...Read more...

Haftarah Shelah 

06/03/2021 09:19:04 AM


This week's haftarah tells the story of the spies that Joshua sent to scout the city of Jericho, prior to the Israelites' invasion of the Holy Land, a point in common with this week's Torah reading, which discusses the twelve spies that were sent by Moses years earlier to explore the Holy Land.

Joshua sent two spies to Jericho, where they lodged at...Read more...

Haftarah Bechaalotecha

05/26/2021 02:54:09 PM


This haftarah contains a vision of the golden Temple Menorah, whose daily kindling is discussed in the opening of this week's Torah reading.

This prophecy was communicated by Zechariah shortly before the building of the Second Temple. The haftarah opens with a vivid depiction of the joy that will prevail when G‑d will return...Read more...

Torah Reading - Parashat Nasso

05/20/2021 02:40:34 PM


Recorded Live

Haftarah Bamidbar

05/13/2021 02:11:31 PM


Sponsored by: Yossi Suissa and family 
In memory of his mother Izza Suissa z'l.

This week's Haftarah begins with the words, "The number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea [shore], which can be neither measured nor counted." An appropriate reading for the first Torah reading of the Book of Numbers.

Hosea first prophesies...


05/13/2021 01:14:32 PM


What is Yizkor?

Yizkor means "remembrance" in Hebrew and most commonly refers to memorial prayer services held four times a year during Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot. Jewish people believe in the eternity of the soul. It is common belief that by saying Yizkor, remembering a loved one and giving charity in a loved one's name helps his or her soul gain merit...Read more...

"Anything that's Part of You"

05/10/2021 03:06:36 PM


An Elvis Song

Interpreted by Hazan Daniel Benlolo


Haftarah Behar-Behukotai

05/06/2021 03:44:56 PM


Sponsored by: Yossi Suissa and family 
In memory of his mother Izza Suissa z'l.

In the haftarah for Parashat Bechukotai (also read when Behar and Bechukotai are combined as a double portion) Jeremiah prophesizes on several themes in a relatively short span. Many scholars, responding to the discontinuous nature of this section of Jeremiah, suggest that it...Read more...

Haftarah Emor

04/29/2021 11:34:16 AM


Sponsored by: Raphael Lallouz and family
In memory of his father Yosef ben Raphael Lallouz z'l.

In the haftarah for Parashat Emor Ezekiel prophesies about the rules for the priests that will serve in the Third Temple, to be built at an unspecified, apocalyptic future date. He specifies that the priests must wear specific garments, and are commanded to keep their hair cut neatly. They...Read more...

Haftarah Kedoshim

04/22/2021 12:35:19 PM


Sponsored by:Sponsored by: Chantal Brahmi & Family, in memory of,
Amanda Alisaa Blondon z"l and Anna Elofer z"l.

This week's haftarah mentions G‑d's repeated enjoinders to observe the commandments, keep the Shabbat and eschew idol worship; reflective of this week's Torah portion, which discusses many commandments, including the obligation to sanctify the...Read more...

Haftarah Metzora

04/14/2021 12:44:26 PM


Sponsored by: Lilian Bergel, in memory of her father, Moshe Grinberg z"l.

This week's haftarah discusses the story of four men stricken by tzara'at, a skin ailment caused by sins — one of the main topics of this week's Torah reading.

Haftarah's backdrop: King Ben-Hadad of Aram besieged Samaria (the Northern Kingdom of Israel). The resulting famine...Read more...

One step closer!

04/14/2021 11:52:13 AM



Up Close & Personal

04/13/2021 09:28:57 AM


Introducing: Mayer Sasson

Mayer Sasson is a Sephardic Jew and is a descendant  from a very old Sephardic family with very long old roots going back all the way to the original first Sasson Family in Hong Kong of whose ancestors were Marranos from Spain.

Mayer Sasson remembers with great happiness and pride his Bar Mitzvah like only yesterday,  at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, in May 1976 and has been...Read more...

Haftarah Shemini

04/07/2021 12:46:31 PM


Thank you to Marc and Gloria Kakon,
for their generous donation towards the recording studio.

This week's haftarah mentions how Uzzah was struck dead when he disrespectfully touched the Ark of the Covenant; reminiscent of Nadab and Abihu's death described in this week's Torah reading.

The Holy Ark had been in storage in the house of Avinadav for many...Read more...


04/06/2021 09:56:13 AM


Hazan Daniel Benlolo

When Passover ends, Moroccan Jews do not quietly unpack their chametz.  Instead, they celebrate the Mimouna.   This joyous festival is believed to have originated in Fez, Morocco, although it is unclear exactly when. The festivities begin at nightfall...Read more...

S&P Recording Studio

04/06/2021 09:55:06 AM


We are super excited to announce the creation of the S&P Recording Studio, a first in Montreal housed right here in our own Synagogue.  This new initiative will enable us to offer our community a real “Music Hub.” This project was made possible with the generous donation from Marc and Nicole Ezerzer will finally give flight to the Spanish and Portuguese Music Heritage and Preservation Project, a venture close to...Read more...

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