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Event Request Form

This form needs to be filled out if you are planning an event for the benefit of the synagogue. (It is not for private events).
  • You will need an approval before you proceed and you must insure that you provide all invoices/receipts to Angelica Torres ( when requesting payment or reimbursement.
General Information
End time is required by our system, doesn't need to be exact
Committee, sponsor
What is it about? Does it align with our strategic plan? How will it benefit our members?
If this is a sporting event (i.e. soccer match) please describe and insure that you have organized the booking of the venue, jerseys etc.
If no, please indicate where and if travel arrangements have been organized.
Who is expected to be there?

Publicity & Web Listing
Enter brief description for the website. What do you want highlighted, such as Vegetarian Meal
Check all items you will need
What will the committee provide and what help is needed from the office?

Room & Set Up Information
Check all items you will need
Equipment & Supplies
Check all items you will need
Check all items you will need
Check all items you will need
Early setup needed? Extra decorations? Flowers?  Copies Needed: send originals to office.
Delineate the Committee responsibilities and Office Staff responsibilities. Etc.
Outside Vendors,  DJ's, Rentals, Photographer, Videographer, Decorations, Deliveries, etc. (Enter Caterer info under Food )
if any
if any
Food Information

Include info on Gluten Free, nut, etc
Please list time, dates, and people cooking
Registration Information
Select "Yes" if there is any Fees
Registration deadlines are frequently extended. This date should reflect the absolute latest deadline.  It will be hidden from public view and set in the system as the last day to allow online registration
List any other information needed from registrants (for example, food allergies, items to be brought, etc.)
If yes, what is the limit?

Price Information
SP, CS and MA Members
Include Age range for this price
When does Family Price Apply
Date Range & Discounted Price
Date Range & Discounted Price
Date Range & Discounted Price
Date Range & Discounted Price
Enter any payment categories and prices that cannot be entered in the above price sections. Provide description of category and price,
For example: Table of 10 for $100


Payment Information

Expenses should include set-up/clean-up, tables, chairs, food & drinks, decoration, entertainment, travel, fees etc.
You can upload a maximum of 2 files.
If you have prepared a budget report (revenues and expenses), you may upload it here.
Per your budget
If yes, please indicate who and the amounts committed to

Other & Misc Information
Special Cleanup Instructions, Concerns, etc

Thank You! You will be contacted shortly to either confirm your event or request additional information.

Changes: Please contact the office with any updates and changes. We realize you may not have all the details when first requesting your event. 

Fri, September 30 2022 5 Tishrei 5783