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Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear friends,

We would like to introduce you to a novel way in which to dedicate, memorialize, honor, or celebrate a loved one, or simply thank someone or say you care. Through the power of the Torah & music, one can reach spiritual and emotional heights like no other means.

If you wish to do so, please fill out the form below. Please consider a donation to the Tzedakah fund at the Spanish and Portuguese. In return for this mitzvah (good deed) of helping others through this fund, we will videotape; Haftarah of the week, Parasha, Dvar Torah, Sermon, and your name, as well as the name(s) of the people you are honoring, will be mentioned both in print and in the recording. The video will be sent in our weekly email to the entire congregation, and featured on our website.

Rabbi Maimon Pinto & Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo


In case we need to contact you.
Ex: Ki Tisa - February 19, 2022
*If you are unsure how to chose the right date in memory of a loved one, please contact Reverend Hazan Benlolo: 514-892-2859
Example: My Father / My Mother / My Grandfather / My Parents etc.
*Minimum contribution $72.


Sat, August 13 2022 16 Av 5782