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Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo Installation

09/14/2021 09:27:27 AM


Sunday afternoon September 12, the Spanish and Portuguese family gathered in person and on zoom to install and confer on our Cantor Daniel Benlolo the prestigious title of  Reverend.

The event was a huge success highlighted by an inspiring performance by Joshua Benlolo a member of the Montreal Shira Choir and by inspiring speeches by our President Charlie Shemie, Rabbi Pinto and our past president Mr. Edmond Elbaz.

Rabbi Yamin Levy came from New York to install Cantor Benlolo as Reverend and presented three models of leadership. That of Noah who built an ark and saved himself, his family, and the animals, Abraham who sought to save the righteous, and Moses who insisted on saving everyone. Rabbi Levy said that Reverend Hazan Daniel Benlolo represents the leadership of Moses because he cares for everyone and leaves no one behind. Rabbi Levy expressed appreciation to Muriel Benlolo for all her work and the support she shows her family and the entire community.  

Congratulations to the Benlolo family for this distinguished honor.

Sat, June 25 2022 26 Sivan 5782