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Haftarah Shabbat Hachodesh

03/31/2022 10:27:19 AM


Haftarah in a Nutshell

This special haftarah is a prophecy regarding the Paschal Offering that will be brought during the Messianic Era, reflecting the theme of the Hachodesh Torah reading—Moses' command to the Israelites in Egypt to prepare and bring the Paschal lamb.

This haftarah is part of Ezekiel's prophecy regarding the third Holy Temple—its structure, inauguration and some of the practices that will be observed therein.

The haftarah begins with a description of the various sacrifices that will be offered during the Temple's seven-day inauguration ceremony, and then mentions that on the 14th of Nissan we shall bring the Paschal offering.

Much of the rest of the haftarah is devoted to the sacrifices that will be brought by the "leader," and prescribes his entry and exit from the Temple.

Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784