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Up Close And Personal

04/08/2022 11:40:58 AM


Introducing: Julia Peress Rosenfeld, Olivia and Liam Rosenfeld

Liv Rosenfeld- 5 years old. Goes to OrSheli. Loves unicorns, rainbows , encanto . Favourite colour , purple . Favourite holiday: Purim.

Liam Rosenfeld - 3 years old. Goes to OrSheli. Loves superheroes and basketball. Favourite colour, yellow . Favourite holiday: Passover.

Julia Peress - Lifelong member of the Spanish. Married to Michael, three kids Liv , liam and Mia (11 months old).  Involved in athletics from a young age. Had opportunity to play and coach (15 years) at a high level. Participated in the Maccabi Games in israel 3 times, once as an athlete twice as a coach. Coached the team than won the silver medal in 2013. Worked at the YM-YWHA where I ran both basketball and membership. Worked at Neurocircuit and the at Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness as a general manager. My passions are sports, fitness, kids and community.

Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784