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"Pierre Poilievre's Support for Israel Shines at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue Visit" 

12/15/2023 11:28:29 AM



In a powerful demonstration of solidarity, the leader of the opposition, Pierre Poilievre, recently visited our Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, reaffirming his unwavering support for the State of Israel and his commitment to combatting antisemitism.

During his visit, Poilievre engaged beforehand in meaningful conversations with members of the synagogue, highlighting the historical and cultural significance of the Jewish community in Canada and abroad. After the lighting of the Chanukiah, his emphasis on fostering strong ties between Canada and Israel resonated with attendees, who appreciated his dedication to promoting a secure and prosperous future for both nations.

Poilievre, known for his outspoken stance on international affairs, took the opportunity to address the rising concerns of antisemitism. He stressed the importance of standing united against discrimination and prejudice, emphasizing that fostering understanding and tolerance is crucial for a harmonious society.

The leader of the opposition shared his vision for a foreign policy that supports Israel's right to exist in peace and security. Poilievre's advocacy for a robust relationship between Canada and Israel was evident as he discussed strategies to enhance diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between the two nations.

As Poilievre navigated the ornate halls of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, his visit served as a symbolic gesture of support for the Jewish community. His presence underscored a commitment to protecting religious freedoms and promoting diversity within the fabric of Canadian society.

Pierre Poilievre's visit to the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue showcased his genuine support for the State of Israel. As a leader who values strong international relations and advocates for religious tolerance, Poilievre's engagement with the Jewish community resonated positively, leaving a lasting impression on those in attendance.

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