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11/05/2021 11:45:07 AM


Allusions to the Month of Kislev

 ·      The letters of Kislev סכ לו allude to the fact that on Chanukah we light a total of 36 ל''ו  candles (without the shamesh) and ס"כ in numerology is 80 – שמונים which alludes to the oils שמנים with which we light the 36 candles.

·      Likewise in the verse "And G-d said let there be light" יהי אור"" – the numerology of the word יהי "" is 25 - כ'ה to allude to the 25th day of Kislev (Chanukah) for that is the time for the light of the Torah to shine.

·      In addition, the 25th word starting from the beginning of the at Torah "בראשית ברא..." is the word light-  "אור".

·      We must know that that the month of Kislev is a time of unity for the Jews, as is alluded in the verse in the Megilah of Esther - - Go gather all the Jews -ם  "לך כנוס את כל היהודים" every 4th letter spells out "כסלו" Kislev. This also teaches us that through unity in Israel years will added to one's life, as it says, "for through Me your   days will be increased… כי בי ירבו ימיך ויוסיפו לך שנות...".

·      In summation, the name of the month Kislev alludes to two words Kis -pocket - and Lev – heart; one must open his heart for charity (especially during Chanukah) and one's heart to do kindness, for this is true unity.

·      And the holiday of Chanukah is alluded to in the mitzvah of charity, as it says, - "Take heed to yourself that there be no unworthy word in your heart… and then your eye looks badly towards your needy brother and you would not give him…" ורעה עינך באחיך האביון ולא תתן לו וקרא אליך אל ה' והיה... - where every 8th letter spells out Chanukah – that during the eight days of Chanukah it is a mitzvah to give much charity to our Jewish brethren.


Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782