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01/07/2022 02:32:04 PM


Come or go?

"And G-d said to Moshe come to Pharaoh…" (7,26)

Several Torah giants wondered about the words written here. Why does it say Come to Pharaoh and not Go to Pharaoh?

Regarding this Rabbi Chanoch Tzvi of Bendin wrote in his sefer Yichahen Pe'er: My wife the Rabanit Feiga says like this: Why does G-d tell Moshe "Come to Pharaoh" and not "Go to Pharaoh"? Because G-d, as if, was relaxing Moshe before his difficult mission to the King of Egypt and said to him: "Come with Me and we will together go to Pharaoh." (Come means together and Go means alone.)

The righteous Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotsk noted on that said at the beginning of the Parsha: G-d does not say to Moshe "Go to Paroah" because we never leave the proximity of G-d and a person can never go far away from the Creator, as it says, "His Honor fills up the entire land". Therefore G-d calls here to Moshe and says to him – "Come with me to Pharaoh and I will be with you wherever you go!"


Sat, June 25 2022 26 Sivan 5782