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02/18/2022 09:26:53 AM


"…Only keep my Sabbaths for that is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations… (31, 13)

All of the Children of Israel are responsible for one another

When Rabbi Shmuel, the fourth Grand Rabbi of Chabad was a child he had a fund for marrying off brides and grooms. Once one of the Chassidim wanted to urgently speak privately with his father (the Tzemach Tzedek) but at that time it was not possible.

The Chassid told the child that he had a factory for the production of pots and most of his merchandise was supplied to the army. One day one of the workers snitched on him that the pots sold to the army weighed less than what had been written in their contract. He was now terrified because the hearing was to be held soon and when they would weigh the pots they would indeed see that they were less than they were supposed to be. The Chassid was afraid that they would sentence him to many years in jail.

The boy told him that if he gave him 300 Zehuvim to help marry off couples, everything would work out fine – and he gave him.

At the trial they brought a pot and scales and surprisingly the pot weighed even more than it had to according to the contract and the judge set the man free. After the hearing the Chassid went to thank the Tzemech Tzedek. He was certain that the boy had told his father about it and that was where the miraculous salvation had come from. "It's not me," said the Grand Rabbi, "it probably comes from the child's actions." They called Shmuel who was still a young boy and asked him how he had taken responsibility for such a great issue.

The child answered in innocence, "What's the problem? After a large sum was given for a bride and groom I put them and that great merit into the pots – and therefore they weighed more."

In the holy Zohar it is explained that by unifying a bride and groom in This World a unification is made in Heaven between G-d and Israel.

Our Sages ob'm say that the main unification between G-d and Israel occurs on Shabbat.

We have to know that G-d is happy to be unified with his bride, Israel, and that is alluded to in verses.  The Divine Presence receives the abundant blessings from G-d so that it can bring them to the Children of Israel. G-d connects with the Divine Presence which is the source of all Jews' souls just as a bride and groom connect, in order to bless the Jews with an abundance of good.

We should know that the unification of G-d with the Divine Presence is done only through the good deeds and mitzvahs of Israel. When Jews learn Torah and perform good deeds all the great holy brightness that is created from their Torah and good deeds comes before the Divine Presence and it adorns itself with these adornments of the Jews' Torah and mitzvahs. The adorned Divine Presence comes before G-d Master of the world and when He sees His bride, the shining holy Divine Presence adorned with Torah and mitzvahs He immediately brings great blessings upon the Divine Presence and consequently upon Israel.


Sat, June 25 2022 26 Sivan 5782