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04/08/2022 05:20:13 PM


 "And on the eighth day… his foreskin shall be circumcised." (12,3)



His kikar in his hand



Our Rabbis ob'm said: Rabbi Yitzchak said, Rabbi Ami said: When a male comes to the world, his kikar is in his hand. The word male- "זכר" alludes to "זה כר"- i.e. every boy is born with his kar – his loaf of bread – his livelihood in his hand.



We have to understand this. Why are only males born with their livelihood? Why doesn't this apply to females? We can explain that, as we know, when kings used to make a covenant between them, they customarily drew blood from one of their fingers and mixed the blood together to show the strong covenant between them.


If so, we shall ask – Where do we see the blood being mixed in the covenant that G-d makes with Jews (at the circumcision)? Blood is drawn during the brit but that is only from the baby being circumcised.


The blood is drawn from the baby but the word דמים also means money and the דמים of G-d is the money that He gives us to carry out the circumcision. Therefore, our Rabbis ob'm said "זכר – זה כר" – every male that is circumcised has his "loaf" in his hand.


This is the mixing of דמים at the brit. Just as we take out blood from the baby, so דמים – money/livelihood is taken from Him.


We can say that this is the blessing of Asher "Through Asher his food is rich "שמנה לחמו"… he delivers royal dainties." The letters of "שמנה" allude to the eight days of a circumcision – then the food- livelihood of a person grows to be rich for G-d then gives livelihood as "royal dainties". 






Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782