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05/06/2022 11:24:21 AM


"... and love your neighbor's well-being as your own..." (19,18)

The Aruch Hashulchan wrote that when a person hears that they are announcing a "Mi Sheberach for someone else he should answer Amen and thereby he fulfills the mitzvah of "love your neighbor's well -being as your own."

Hagaaon Rabbi David Moskowitz, Av Beit Din of Banihad related: Once the well known Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Engel of Radmishla spent a Shabbat with Maran the Divrei Chaim (of Sanz). The Divrei Chaim noticed that during the Torah reading, between the portions being read out, he was learning.

After prayers the Divrei Chaim called him over and told him. "Permit me to reprimand you. You are known as someone who does all his deeds according to Jewish Law and therefore you spend your time learning between the Torah readings. However, at that time the Gabai says Mi Sheberach. It may happen that a Mi Sheberach is said for someone sick and you, being immersed in your learning, may miss answering Amen; but it may be just your Amen that is missing to complete the bracha and bring salvation to that sick person."


Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782