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05/13/2022 01:00:14 PM


Tremendous power

"Hillel said, do not detach yourself from the public…" (Pirkei Avot, Ch. 2)

The holy book Noam Elimelech (Dvarim) explains that the source of Jewish souls in Heaven is called "All of Israel" and it says "the reason that before we perform a mitzvah or pray we say "Lishem yichud Kudshabishem kol Yisrael…." Is because there is no righteous person in the world who will only do good and not sin. Therefore, how can a sinning person do anything holy?

The remedy for this for a person to include himself with all of Israel, because there is a world called "All of Israel" and this world is perfect without any blemishes – and their sins cannot pervade…."

We therefore say, "For the sake of holiness… in the name of All of Israel.. I am hereby coming to perform a mitzvah" or "I am hereby coming to pray" – in order to show that we want to connect ourselves to that world in Heaven that is called "All of Israel", the place of the source of all Jewish souls, where no blemish can come.

This important foundation can also be learned from the holy words of the MAHARAL of Prague in his book Derech Hachaim: "It says (in Gemara Brachot) "And I pray to You G-d at a time of grace…"  When is a time of grace? At a time when the congregation is praying."

This means that G-d specifically wants the congregation and this is a deep idea, because there is no prosecutor for a congregation for a group has a general power and there is no sin in a group because sins are for individuals; but for congregations there is no prosecution and therefore the prayers of a congregation in a synagogue are coming from a group and it is therefore a time of grace…

An explanation on the MAHARAL OF PRAGUE is that the congregation that joins together to pray has a tremendous general power because they are connecting to the source of souls "All of Israel" in Heaven where we now sins and blemishes cannot take hold and therefore there is no prosecution because there is only prosecution on individuals.

And that is what our Rabbis said (Avot) "Hillel said, do not detach yourself from the public" – because the power of the group is tremendous and it raises an individual person up to a new reality where there is no sin or prosecution.


Sat, June 25 2022 26 Sivan 5782