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07/15/2022 01:37:53 PM


"...G-d his G-d is with him and the homage to a king מלך is in him." (23, 21)

From a curse to a blessing

It says in Sefer Hagan that one makes a blessing he must say it aloud so that his friend will answer Amen. If he does so, even if G-d forbid a curse was decreed on him it will change from a curse into a blessing,

We can learn an allusion to this idea from this verse.

As we know, Bilam wanted to curse Israel in the daily fraction of time when G-d is angry at Israel. Since one can only say one word at this time, Bilam wanted to say "כַּלֵם" – Destroy them – but G-d changed it from "כַּלֵם" to "מלך" – king- which has the same letters – as it says "ותרועת מלך בו" – " the homage to a king is in him."

The words "כַּלֵם" and "מלך" add up to the numerology of the word Amen (including a one for the word).

We see from here that answering Amen turns a curse into a blessing, as per the Sefer Hagan.


Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783