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07/22/2022 01:21:55 PM


Therefore..See I give him My covenant: peace." (25, 12)

The source of blessings – Peace

We learn in the Mishna, "Rav Shimon ben Chalafta said, "G-d did not find anything else that maintains blessings for Israel other than peace, as it says, "G-d gives strength. G-d blesses His nation with peace."

Therefore in the Priestly blessing at the end of all the blessings it ends with "peace" to teach us that the blessings do not help at all unless there is peace amongst them.

Thus we find in the Ktav Sofer's writings that the source of all blessings is peace, as he said, "The blessing of sustenance – prosperity and blessings – comes in the merit of peace, as our Sages ob'm have said, "G-d did not find anything else that maintains blessings for Israel other than peace" and it says, "Who makes your boundary peace….He will satiate you" and it says "And I will put peace in the land."

The holy Sar Shalom of Belz said that this is alluded to in the words " "מאשר שמנה לחמו והוא..." – the initials of the words - שלום  peace. He who wants fat bread" (greater livelihood) should pursue peace.

We can add what Rashi said about Paroah's dream "nice looking (cows)" – this is a sign of satiety, as people look nice in each other's eyes, and are not disturbed by their friend's success."

This means that the sign for satiety (an omen for a good livelihood) is that "people look nice in each other's eyes" - when there is unity, love and peace in Israel and all are like one person with one heart and not disturbed by each other's successes.

He who fulfills G-d's will to make peace and pursue peace – measure for measure G-d will fill up prosperity in the world to bring prosperity to this person with blessings and a good livelihood.


Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783