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08/19/2022 02:41:41 PM


"And it shall come to pass as the consequences of your hearing these legal maxims and carefully carrying them out that G-d your G-d will keep the covenant and the love..." (7,12)

"You Shlomo may have the thousand" (Shir Hashirim)

Gavriel and Chana were married for twenty five years and did not yet merit to have children, but Gavriel, who was a chassid of the Baal Hatanya accepted his state happily and never complained to the Rebbi about his situation.

Gavriel used to give respectable amounts to charity. In one of his visits by the Baal Hatanya the Rebbi asked for a large sum for the mitzvah of redeeming captives, but this time his financial situation was very bad and he did not know how he would be able to obtain the desired amount. He went home downheartedly and sadly told his wife about the amount the Rebbi had asked for.

"Don't worry! Certainly G-d will help and we will be able to contribute this amount that the Rebbi asked for" the wife said.

She took several pieces of her jewelry, sold them and brought the entire amount to her husband in a closed bundle. She suggested that he go immediately to the Rebbi to give him the desired amount.

Gavriel came to the Rebbi and immediately upon entering for a private conversation, he put the bundle on the table. The Rebbi was pleased to see him and opened the bundle in his presence. On the table sparkling coins piled up as if they had just came out of the mint.

The Rebbi said to Gavriel, "In the contributions given for the Mishkan the only thing that shone were the mirrors that the women had used in Egypt. The contributed the mirrors for the Mishkan and from them the Laver and its Pedestal. The Laver was the place where they began the Service in the Mishkan. And where did this money come from?"

Gavriel told the Rebbi all that he had undergone recently and about his financial situation. He also told him that when he told his wife about the sum the Rebbi had asked for, she sold her jewelry without telling him and encouraged him to bring the Rebbi quickly to the Rebbi.

The Rebbi raised his head and said, "The decree is cancelled! G-d will give and give again to you and your wife sons and daughters and longevity to see generations upon generations. May G-d give you success in all your endeavors and prosperity and may you find favor in the eyes of all who see you."

The chassid went home happily and told his wife what the Rebbi had said and about the blessing he gave them. "But tell me"- he said – "how did the coins shine so much?"

"When I received the coins", the wife answered, "I thought that the contribution should be perfect. I rubbed the coins with sand until they shone and sparkled. In my heart I prayed that G-d should have mercy on us and that the Rebbi in his holiness should bless us that our luck should also shine and sparkle."

A year later Gavriel and his wife merited the birth of their oldest son. Gavriel and Chana experienced success in all their endeavors and Gavriel always made sure to tell everyone that his success was only in the merit of the innocent faith of his wife Chana.

Shabbat Shalom!!

Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783