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08/26/2022 02:05:39 PM



"The blessing, that you listen to the commands of G-d..." (11,27)

 "They who join hands for wicked ends shall not go unpunished" -"יד ליד לא ינקה רע"

 The holy Rabbi Meir of Prishmilan ob'm said that the custom of drinking and saying "L'chaim" is auspicious for bringing a good livelihood. When two Jews (two Yidden) come together and say לחיים and then two Yuds (יי) (Jews) go on their way, from the word לחיים there remains the word bread לחם which is symbolic of one's livelihood.

 From this we can understand the Jewish custom that when people drink wine and wish each other L'chaim they shake hands with one another.

The holy Rabbi of Ruzhin ob'm said that this is alluded to in the verse "    "יד ליד לא ינקה רע

If two people bless each other by shaking hands ""יד ליד which alludes to two Jews (Yidden)

then " -  "יד ליד לא ינקה רע no evil can come from this and thereby they will have prosperous livelihoods.


Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783