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10/21/2022 02:36:34 PM


"And G-d spoke: Let us make Adam (a representative) in a form worthy of us...." (1, 26)

Why "Adam"?

A wonderful explanation why the first man created was called Adam was said by Rabbi Yehoshua Babad, the Rabbi of Ternopol: Amongst the thirteen basic principles of faith that the Rambam determined there are three basic principles that apply to G-d himself:

1. His unity –  אחדותו  He is the Only One in His world

2. His image – דמותו He has no bodily image

3. His existence – מציאותו He created the world and leads it forever.

Since these three principles - that express more than anything else the difference between the Creator and His creations- were established when Man was created, they were alluded to in the name Adam "אדם" which are the initials for these three principles.

For this reason as well it has been determined that we say Kadosh kadosh kadosh three times in Kedusha because Kadosh means separated and reserved and we thereby declare that G-d is separated from us in the three major principles: His being the Creator and Leader, His being Single, and His not having a bodily image.

(The holy Alshich)


Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783