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11/25/2022 12:58:30 PM


Allusions from the name Kislev

 The letters of Kislev כסלו are ס''ך ל''ו  to allude to us that on Chanuka we light  ל''ו  (36) candles (without the shames) and ס''ך  equals 80 –  - שמונים which alludes to the oils שמנים with which we light the 36 candles.

In addition, it says "ויאמר אלקים יהי אור", (And G-d said let there be light) and the numerology of the word "יהי", is 25, alluding to the 25th day of Kislev which is the time for the light of Torah to shine.

The word light – אור – is also the 25th word of the Torah starting from the word Breishit.

We should know that the month of Kislev is time of unity in Israel as we see in Megilat Esther, "לך כנוס את כל היהודים" (Go gather all the Jews), every fourth letter spells out Kislev to show that by the Jews remaining together in unity they will merit longevity, as it says  "כי בי ירבו ימיך ויוסיפו לך שנות חיים" (.. you will have many days and years will be added to your life) where again every fourth letter spells out Kislev.

The name of the month alludes to two words  כיס-לב (ppocket-heart) for one should open one's pocket to give charity (especially on Chanukah) and one's heart to perform kindness – and this is true unity.

Therefore, the holiday of Chanukah is alluded to within the verse of mitzvah of charity, where every eighth letter spells out the word Chanukah – to teach us that during the eight days of Chanukah it is a mitzvah to give much charity to our fellow Jews.


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