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12/02/2022 12:57:22 PM


In order to remember

"…and she said this time I thank G-d therefore she called his name Judah…"(30,35)

This is surprising. Didn't Leah thank G-d for the three Tribes she merited to have until now?

The MAHRAM Shick explains; Certainly Leah thanked G-d by her previous births but now that she merited to take more than her portion and to give birth to a forth son to Yaakov she wondered: Is it only "this time" when I gave birth do "I thank G-d"? I have to thank Him every moment of my life!

She therefore called him Yehuda so that through his name she would always remember to praise G-d, as David Hamelech said, "I will bless G-d at all times always shall His praise be in my mouth".

Accordingly the Daat Sofer of Pressburg explained the words of Rabbi Yochanan in the name of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai – From the day G-d created the world there was no one who praised G-d until Leah came and praised Him, as it says, "this time I thank G-d".

Many people wonder about this Gemara. Until Leah came didn't the holy forefathers thank G-d for the miracles that happened to them? There are explicit places where we find that thanked G-d.

In light of what we said we can explain – Our forefathers did indeed thank G-d when miracles happened to them but Leah was the first one who made herself a sign so that she would remember and thank G-d for the kindness that He does daily and always.


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