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01/06/2023 01:07:15 PM


"Through Asher, his food is rich שמנה לחמו...he delivers royal dainties." (49,20)

The assistance of Asher son of Yaakov

In the sefer Medrash Talpiot a wonderful idea is brought in the name of the Ari'zl that Asher the son of Yaakov studied Torah and Mishnah more than his brothers and therefore, in the merit of his learning, he merited to help all Jews in their times of distress.

After a person's passing, if G-d forbid he is sentenced to Gehinom a person calls out to each Tribe of Israel to save him from Gehinom but – they don't answer him.

But when that person calls out "Asher son of Yaakov" Asher answers him and asks, "In your lifetime did you ever learn Mishnayot?" If the person answers yes, Asher son of Yaakov immediately has him removed from Gehinom in the merit of the Mishna that he learned.

It says "Through Asher, his food is rich שמנה לחמו – the letters of שמנה are the same letters as the word משנה.  In other words, because of the Mishnah that a person reads and learns Asher son of Yaakov will fight for him ילחם לו  and will save him from falling into Gehinom.

Moreover, he even has him brought to Gan Eden, as it says further "he delivers royal dainties" – Asher the son of Yaakov will bring that person to Gan Eden to enjoy dainties of the "King" – of G-d, the King of all kings.


Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783