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02/03/2023 10:03:03 AM



Just as verses 6 and 7 ("Your Right Hand…affrights every enemy…") summarizes the effect that their experience of the power of G-d over human might had on them, (-Your helping Right Hand which has shown itself in such extraordinary power frightens every enemy from attacking your protectees-) so this verse "Who is like You" summarizes the effect on them of having seen G-d's power completely unlimited and unfettered over the laws of Nature.

There are, of course "gods" – laws and powers of nature which are effective and influential, but although they are idolized and worshipped, You are above them and they are held and bound by Your wishes and orders. You alone are free, are not bound by Your own works, by the laws of Nature. You reign free over the forces and powers that You Yourself created but which men and deified and worship.


Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783