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12/17/2021 10:42:07 AM


This past Sunday, there was a a program in the Spanish in memory of my dear colleague Rabbi Howard Joseph z”l. The Spanish Portuguese of Montreal, Shearith Israel, was indeed privileged to have had such a distinguished leader for so many years.

Meaningful speeches were delivered by our President and former President, by Dr. Norma Joseph, and by their children Ami and Rabbi Josh.The speakers discussed the Rabbi’s kindness, spirituality, and dignity; his scholarship and teaching. [He was a most worthy student of his and my great mentor, Rabbi Soloveitchik [the “Rav.”]

Especially noteworthy was how an anglophone Ashkenazic rabbi from NYC was able to adapt so well to a Sephardi congregation, with many francophone members.

Dr. Norma brilliantly discussed the word hineni, “here I am.” This was the response of Abraham at the Aqedah, of Moses at the burning bush, and of the biblical Joseph when called on by his father Jacob to check on the brothers, despite their enmity [but not said by Adam, when asked “where are you,” and, for whatever reason, was not said by Yoseph to his father when rising to power in Egypt.] Our Rabbi Joseph exemplified the ideal of hineni: always there for the members of the shul and for the community.

yehi zikhro varukh. His memory will certainly be for a blessing.

Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782