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BO 5783

01/27/2023 12:41:09 PM


Dear mitpallelim:

Reminder: our friend Malcolm Moscovitch is in the Eldercare, Victoria entrance, 4th floor.


Wow, the land of Egypt really got a beating.

When I read this week’s parasha, the song that my grandchildren sang at the Seder rings in my head “10 Makkot, makkot 10, the Mitsrim were punished again and again” (sung to tune of dayyenu.) (Rabbeinu Bahya explained that the first 3 makkot relate to the land; the next 3 to animals and people; and the next 3 to the air.)

Hashem promises the people that He will be taking them into a beautiful land. The contrast between the devastation they have seen in Egypt and the beautiful Land that awaits them should have been very impressive.

If so, how come the land of Israel contained the Hula valley? The draining of the Hula was considered one of the great marvels of modern Jewish/Israel ingenuity. The area was changed into an agricultural wonderland. According to a news account that appeared in the Israeli press in the 50’s, only some “environmental meshugaim” were opposed to the project.

By the late 90’s, the accepted opinion had changed. The draining of the Hula was now considered to have been a great mistake, as it had hurt the ecosystem and the naturally beautiful wetlands and bird stopovers.

I guess Hashem knew what he was talking about. Is there a lesson to be learned from here?

Shabbat shalom

Rabbi Menahem White

Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783