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04/05/2024 01:27:25 PM


To my dear friends in Montreal,

A couple of nights ago, we witnessed here in Teaneck another disgusting, noisy protest of the “River to Sea” crowd. This was I believe the 4th such attempt at intimidation here since October 7. This time, their motive was really despicable, as they came to interrupt a presentation in a local shul, given by members of Zaka. How could any decent person complain against Zaka: the organization that recovers dead bodies and body parts, with the aim of bringing to a proper burial? Until Oct 7, Teaneck was a quiet, pleasant suburban community. 

As I stood outside the shul, together with a thousand Jews, I kept thinking of last week’s haftarah, taken from the Navi’ Ezekiel chapter 36, where HaShem promises: “I will sanctify My great name...which has been defiled among the nations...and I will gather you from among the nations and bring you to your land...and I will give you a new heart and a new spirit...and you shall dwell in the land which I gave to your fathers… shall not have hunger…and I will increase the fruit of the trees and the grain of the fields… and I will resettle the cities, and the destroyed places will be rebuilt...and the desolate land shall be like Gan Eden.”

When I was on the Teaneck ”mission” to Israel in January, I witnessed the devastation of the settlements outside of Gaza, and look forward to their rebuilding, according to the words of Ezekiel.


This Shabbat is known as HaChodesh. We read a 2nd Torah, where HaShem tells Moshe that the month of Nisan, the month of the exodus from Egypt, will forever be the first month of the calendar. When I first became the Rabbi of Chevra Shaas, I was advised to include in my weekly derasha a few sentences in Yiddish, to accommodate the “old timers.” By the time I left Montreal, very few people remained who understood Yiddish. As a vestigial remainder, I would recite the Molad of the new moon in “mamme lashon.” So, here it is for the coming month of Nisan, in Yiddish:

“der moylad vet zayn montog bei nacht, fuftsig un zibn minoot mit zibn chalokim noch tsen.”

Or, in English, the molad for Nisan will be Monday night, 57 minutes and 7 chalakim after 10.” 

[Shortly before the Molad, on Monday afternoon, will be the eclipse.]    

“Der Molad vet zayn” “the Molad will be…” is the title of a musical album by the late Cantor Seymour Rockoff.  The implication of the title is that although things might be difficult now, we are confident that the new month will bring a better situation.  



This week, Hazzan Dr. Yehoshua and Anne Haimovici are sponsoring a kiddush in honour of the upcoming marriage of our “not so kleiner hazzan anymore” Yehonatan to Miss Chaiy Bodek of Teaneck. I have met her, and can testify that she is a “kallah na’ah va-chasudah.” We have all witnessed how Yehonatan has developed into an outstanding Talmid chacham. Mazal tov, and hatslacha rabba. 


On 29 Adar, Simcha Foxman observes the yahrzeit of his mother Chaya Necha bat Yaakov v’ Kaila a”h. We thank Simcha and Shulamis for donating several much needed Chumashim in her memory. 

2 Nisan is the yahrzeit of my wife Sorah Devorah bat Yehoshua v’Raizel a”h. May the neshamot have `aliyah.

Shabbat shalom, shalom `al Yisrael

Rabbi Menahem White

Tue, May 21 2024 13 Iyyar 5784