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The Institute for Jewish Parenting is a year-long course designed to give young parents the tools to raise wonderful Jewish children. The Institute will combine contemporary research and methodology with Jewish wisdom and our ancient practice to equip parents with the knowledge, techniques,  understanding and support to create a family atmosphere full of love and respect. The goal is to create a community of Jewish parents who can support each other dealing with the challenges of raising children today. 

The Institute will have nine classes, three family Shabbat dinners and one family Shabbat weekend retreat. The classes will take place once a month from October through June. Each class will be dedicated to a different subject such as: bedtime and sleep, meals and diet, respect and discipline and strengthening the parents’ relationship. 

Each class will consist of three parts: 

  • a session with contemporary experts in the field, 
  • Jewish insights on the subject from Rabbi Ellis 
  • and a time for the participants to share their best practices. 

The Shabbat dinners will take place every three months, with various parts led by different participants. Finally the family Shabbat retreat will combine traditional Shabbat with team and trust building activities to help us form strong bonds within and between families.

Class Schedule

October 17, 7:00 - Bedtime and Sleeping

November 7, 7:00 - Meals and diet

December 5, 7:00 - Parents as individuals and a couple

Shabbat Dinner

November 24, 6:00

Upcoming Sessions

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784